About Benedictine University at Springfield

As an academic community committed to liberal arts and professional education-distinguished and guided by its Roman Catholic tradition and Benedictine heritage-Benedictine University at Springfield prepares its students for a lifetime as active, informed, and responsible citizens and leaders in the world community.

A Benedictine education is designed to be flexible so that it can meet current social needs, developing in its graduates the capacity to adapt as they enter the working world, and the ability to manage change and difficulties in a confident and positive manner. Benedictine fulfills its commitment to its mission through excellence in teaching and interaction between students and faculty.

A liberal arts core prepares all undergraduate students to participate fully in a diverse and dynamic society, balancing their rights and duties as individuals with the demands of the common good.

However, Benedictine seeks to develop more than a student’s intellectual being. Members of the Benedictine community are encouraged to achieve a balance in their social and educational lives.

Benedictine students come to understand the self as an integrated physical, intellectual and spiritual being. While the University values the dignity of work, it recognizes that balance with leisure and prayer is equally important.

Living a life in balance helps to enrich one’s personal life while fostering friendships and relationships that can span a lifetime.