FSU Academic Calendar

Summer 2014


June 18

Residence Halls open for
Summer C @ 9am

June 23

Summer C Session Begin

July 4

Independence Day observed
– No classes

July 7

Summer 2014 Housing Rent Due

August 1

Summer C Session Ends

August 2

Residence Halls Close for
Summer A/C @ Noon

Fall 2014


August 17-23

Recruitment Week

August 21-23

Seminole Sensation Week

August 20

Residence Halls Open at 9 AM

August 24


August 25

Fall Semester Classes begin

August 28

Part-Time Job Fair


Hispanic Heritage Month

September 1

Labor Day – No Classes

Early September

Check Online to See When
Orientation Leader Application Are Available.

September 5

Fall Housing Rent Due

September 5

All Tuition and Fees Due

September 11th

Remembrance Day

September 16

Engineering Day

September 18

Seminole Futures


American Indian Heritage Month

November 14

End of 12th Week of Classes

November 26-28

Thanksgiving Holiday –
No Classes

December 5

Last Day of Classes

December 8-12


December 12

Fall Semester Ends

December 12

Residence Halls Close at noon

Spring 2015


January 7

Spring Semester Begins

January 17

Spring Housing Rent Due

January 19

MLK Day Celebration –
University Closed


Black History Month


Asian American History Month
and Women’s History Month

March 9

Residence Halls Close for
Spring Break

March 9 -13

Spring Break

March 15

Residence Halls Open from
Spring Break

April 4

End of 12th Week of Classes

April 24

Last Day of Classes

April 27-May 1


May 1

Spring Semester Ends

Summer 2015


May 11

Summer A&B Sessions Begin

June 19

Summer B Session Ends

June 29

Summer C Session Begin

August 7

Summer A Session Ends

August 7

Summer C Session Ends 

*For a more detailed calendar you can visit the Registrar’s website
at www.registrar.fsu.edu. You can also
check the calendar given at orientation for more important dates.