Florida State University Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar


June 19

Residence Halls open for Summer Session C at 9 a.m.

June 24

Summer Session C begins

July 5

Summer 2013 Housing Rent Due

July 4

Independence Day Observed – No classes

August 2

Summer Session C ends

August 3

Residence Halls close at 12 p.m.

FALL 2013


August 18-25

Panhellenic Recruitment Week

August 21-25

Seminole Sensation Week

August 21

Residence Halls open at 9 a.m.

September 6 

Fall Housing Rent Due

August 25


August 26

Fall Semester Classes begin

September Hispanic Heritage Month

August 29

Last day to Drop/Add Classes

September 2

Labor Day – No Classes

September 2 – 7

IFC Rush

September 6

All Tuition and Fees Due

September 11th Remembrance Day

September 26 

Seminole Futures Career Fair 

October 1

Orientation Leader Applications Available

October 11

Last day to drop a course or withdraw from the University without receiving a grade

October 14

Spring Class Registration Begins

October 22

Graduate and Professional School Expo

November American Indian Heritage Month

November 15

End of 12th Week of Classes

November 27 – 29

Thanksgiving Holiday – No Classes

December 6

Last Day of Classes

December 9-13


December 13 & 14


December 14 

Halls Close at Noon



January 2

Residence Halls Open at 9 a.m.

January 6

Spring Semester Begins

January 17

Spring Housing Rent Due

January 9

End Drop/Add

January 17

All Tuition and Fees Due

January 20

MLK Day Celebration – University Closed

February 6 

Seminole Futures Expo

February Black History Month

February 21

Last day to drop a course or withdraw from University without receiving a grade

March Asian American History Month and Women’s History Month

March 10 at noon

Residence Halls Close for Spring Break

March 10 – 14

Spring Break

March 16 at noon

Residence Halls Open from Spring Break 

March 17

Summer/ Fall Class Registration Begins

April 4

End of 12th Week of Classes 

April 25

Last Day of Classes 

April 28-May 2


May 2 & 3


May 3 at noon 

Residence Halls close



May 12

Summer A&B Sessions Begin

June 23

Summer C Session Begin

August 1

Summer A Session Ends

June 20

Summer B Session Ends

August 1

Summer C Session End