LMU Career Development Services

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Distinguished academic programs and transformational out-of-class experiences provide the platform for students to discover their truest selves and for employers and graduate schools to discover the future leaders of the world. Career Development Services is the catalyst between campus and career; between campus and community; and between campus and corporation.

It is not a location but a journey. It is the arm of the university that introduces the global community to the critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers, teachers and innovators that will contribute to their professions and craft change in the world.  At LMU Career Development begins the moment each student enters the university, and continues until graduation and even beyond.

Important information for students looking to get a job on-campus:

All LMU student employees are required to complete a federal identification form, called an I-9, and provide documentation to authenticate their identification. A complete list of acceptable identification documents can be found online.