Health Services

Health Services is located at ground level in the north wing of Wells Hall. The clinic is open for students, faculty and staff to visit from 8 to 11:15 am and from 12:45 to 4 pm on weekdays. The clinic is closed in the afternoon on Wednesday’s for health education presentations at other sites on campus.

Primary health care is offered on an out-patient basis. This includes health education; health promotion; health maintenance; health history and physical assessment; first aid, including bandages and crutches; routine clinical laboratory procedures such as throat and urine cultures; tests for anemia, pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections; and treatment for illnesses.

Health Services’ clients are seen on a drop-in basis and are screened by professional nurses. They may be treated or referred to the clinic physician or nurse practitioner, depending on the nature of the visit. When a specialist’s care is indicated, personnel will assist with the referral. The local hospital provides physician services on a 24-hour basis for emergencies. 

All enrolled students are eligible for free services at the clinic. During the summer, students must be enrolled in a summer course to be eligible for services. All services with other health care providers or agencies are at the student’s own expense.

Immunizations for hepatitis B, bacterial meningitis and other communicable diseases are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and the American College Health Association. We encourage consultation with your health care provider to determine what immunizations the student needs before coming to Murray State University.

If the student does not have a hospital insurance plan, you might consider purchasing a basic policy which the university offers through a private agency. You may preview and/or purchase the insurance through United Health Care.