Student Life

Help your student be a better roommate

Share these tips taken from the new UniversityParent Guide to Supporting Your Student’s Freshman Year.

  • Set basic ground rules. Your student and his future roommate should discuss — ahead of time! — expectations about cleaning, noise, and visitors. All students should do this, and shy students may need extra encouragement.
  • Never borrow anything without asking. Respect boundaries. Each roommate should carve out his own space and stay within it.
  • Be considerate. If one roommate is sleeping or studying, the other should keep it quiet.
  • Accommodate reasonable requests. Communal living requires flexibility and give-and-take.
  • Address disagreements immediately. Roommates should be open to talking about issues as they arise. That way, little problems are less likely to become big ones.
  • Get to know the Resident Advisor. RA’s are the people to see if there’s a problem the roommates can’t work out themselves.