Why Advertise with UniversityParent?

Why Advertise with UniversityParent?

The #1 destination for parents to find what they need to help their student succeed

Here at UniversityParent, we are passionate about supporting parents. For years, we’ve worked with colleges and universities to develop the best content parents need to help students succeed. We believe that enabling a parent to be well informed and supportive translates into thriving and successful undergraduates.

Purchasing Power of Parents & Students

University Parents:

  • Spend $44 billion annually on back-to-school shopping and travel
  • Spend an average of $900 per year on dorm furnishings and collegiate gear

College Students:

  • 61% of students openly discuss purchasing decisions with their parents
  • 80% of students communicate with their parents more than twice a week

About Us

UniversityParent publishes print and online guides full of reference-worthy content combining school, business, and local community information. Our advertisers connect directly with parents at the right time to jump start brand loyalty that will last for years.


With UniversityParent’s expertise and tools, it’s easy for businesses to communicate the right information, at the right time, to parents. We helped more than 2,500 businesses reach college parents in 2012!

Ad Distribution Methods:

    Print Guides

  • Directly partner with over 150 schools
  • Reached 530,000 parents in 2012
  • Guides are distributed during orientation, move-in days and parents weekend

    Online Guides

  • UniversityParent.com received over 2 million page views in 2012
  • Total visits increased 240% in from 2011 to 2012
  • New content is published daily

    Display Advertising

  • Eye-catching display ads draw attention to advertisers, drive awareness and creates interest

    Sponsored Content

  • Custom content that resonates with readers who fit the profile the sponsor is looking to reach

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