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Entry-level jobs make Generation Y dislike their jobs the most

American job satisfaction is at its lowest level in two decades across all generations, but Generation Y hates their jobs the most. This does not prove Millenials are lazy and hate working; rather it simply means they don’t like entry-level jobs.

Only 45 percent of American workers are satisfied with their jobs, according to the report released by The Conference Board, a non-profit organization that distributes information strengthen businesses. But less than 37 percent of workers under age 25, the lowest percentage among all age groups, reported being satisfied with their jobs,

This report is creating lots of chatter all across the Internet and will likely continue to spark more jabs labeling Generation Y as whiny and entitled. But that just isn’t the only logical conclusion.

The survey was first conducted in 1987, (long before even the oldest members of Generation Y entered the work force) and the under 25 workers were the most dissatisfied then as well (that would be the Gen X’ers). This is probably a strong indicator that no one, Millenial or Gen X’er (or anyone for that matter) finds great satisfaction in entry-level jobs. No one really expects to anyway. Everyone knows the first few jobs (years) are all about paying dues.

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Story courtesy of Sharalyn Hartwell, Generation Y columnist for the