Academic Calendar

March 2: 1st 8-week classes end.
March 3: 2nd 8-week classes begin.
March 5: Last day to add a 2nd 8-week course and last day for 100% refund for dropping 2nd 8-
week class.
March 6-16: Receive 40% cancellation of fees for officially withdrawing from all courses – Charged
$45.00 withdrawal fee. No tuition or fee adjustment for dropping an individual class. No adjustment of fees for officially withdrawing after March 26.
March 9: Last day to drop a 2nd 8-week course without a “W” (no fee adjustment).
March 22-26: Spring Break
March 19: Last day to drop a full semester course or courses with a mark of “W” (no fee
adjustment). No full term course or courses may be dropped after March 27 unless the student officially withdraws from all courses.