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The learning that takes place both inside and outside the classroom during college can be an invaluable resource in your student's future career. UniversityParent can help you prepare your student for the world of work right from the start of college.

Encourage your student to visit University of Central Arkansas's career services office and take advantage of the great resources they offer. Students who work on their resume, go through mock interviews, or complete internships have a great start on preparing for graduation and future jobs.

Important UCA Career Planning Links for Parents

Check the following links for career planning information:


Q: How can I help my student write a great résumé?

Help your student show off all of the great things they learned by making the connections between their academic experiences and the work skills an employer wants to see. Encourage your student to think about practical skills they mastered as they earned their degree. Listing skills such as verbal communication, leadership or time management can be a great way to express their strengths in a concrete way. Read the full article for more advice.

Q: Where should my student go to find career support?

Most campuses have a career center where your student can get help writing a résumé, practice interviewing for a job or talk through their career goals. Encourage your student to visit their school’s career website today.

Q: Will my student’s Facebook or Twitter profile hurt their chances of getting a job?

As your student searches for a job, having a social media presence can be a positive quality to employers, but the kind of presence is significant. According to a 2012 survey commissioned by CareerBuilder, an online employment website, 37 percent of hiring managers use social networking sites to screen applicants. Read on for specific social media practices your student should cultivate or avoid.

Q: My student is looking for a job, what is my role?

Encouraging your student to meet and network with people in their field can help your student hear about openings, learn about their industry and get relevant advice. Another great way to assist is discussing what they want and their strengths, talking about it with you can lend direction to their search. For more tips check out the full article.

Q: My student is graduating (and starting his first job), what’s the best graduation gift to give him?

From cash to professional clothes, these gifts will be a great help to your student as they leave college and start the next stage of their lives. Read the article for UniversityParent's top 5 graduation gifts.

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