U-Online and E-Services

In our ongoing effort to provide better, faster and more convenient access to our students, both on and off campus, UHD has created the U-Online portal. Students can access e-services from home, work or school to look up open classes, check their registration eligibility, print their schedule of classes, pay their tuition/fee bill, access your semester grade, check the status of your financial aid, register online, change your address, request transcripts, check your university e-mail, and login to Blackboard Vista.

Gatormail: The Student E-mail Account

UHD assigns student e-mail accounts (accessible on e-services) as a means of communication between faculty, staff, and students. The use of e-mail services should be for legitimate educational purposes. The Office of Student Services & Enrollment Management governs access to student email services. Please encourage your students to use their student email addresses. Many departments, including Financial Aid & Scholarships, will use gatormail to contact students. This is also the way the university contacts students regarding emergency alerts, university updates and information.