Tiger Traditions & Songs

Faurot Field/Memorial Stadium is the center of Tiger football. The traditional block “M,” arranged by the freshman class of 1927, guards the stadium’s north end zone.

In the 1950s, a group of pranksters changed the “M” to an “N” the night before the Missouri-Nebraska game. The MU groundskeeper, with the help of some young boys who gained free admission to the game in exchange for their assistance, restored the “M” to its proper form before kickoff. Seating capacity is listed at just more than 68,000.

Marching Mizzou, also known as the “Big ‘M’ of the Midwest,” is one of the most visible ensembles in the School of Music and is the largest student organization on campus. Composed of students from nearly every major within the university, this time-honored organization combines quality musicianship, spirit, pride and dedication to create their nationally renowned gridiron excitement.

Mizzou’s Mascot

Mizzou became known as the Fighting Tigers as a tribute to a group of Columbia citizens who defended the town from Guerilla fighters in the 1890s. Although the Bengal tiger mascot has been around for years, he was not officially named Truman until 1986.  Truman’s name was chosen as boy students as a nod to the only Missouri-bred U.S. President.

Every True Son Lyrics

Every true son, so happy hearted,
Skies above us are blue.
There’s a spirit so deep within us,
Old Missouri, here’s to you! (Rah! Rah!)
When the band plays the Tiger war song,
And when the fray is through,
We will tramp, tramp, tramp around the columns
With a cheer for old Mizzou!
Hit it!
Hooray! Hurrah! Mizzou! Mizzou!
Hooray! Hurrah! Mizzou! Mizzou!
Hooray! Hurrah! And a Bully for Ol’ Mizzou!
Rah rah rah rah!
Mizzou-Rah! Mizzou-Rah! Mizzou-Rah! Tigers!

Fight Tigers Lyrics

Fight, Tiger, fight for Old Mizzou.
Right behind you everyone is with you.
Break the line and follow down the field.
And you’ll be, on the top, up on the top!
Fight, Tiger, you will always win.
Proudly keep the colors flying skyward.
In the end you’ll win the victory,
So, Tigers fight for Old Mizzou!

Alma Mater (first verse)

Old Missouri, fair Missouri
Dear old varsity.
Ours are hearts that fondly love thee,
Here’s a health to thee.
Chorus: Proud art thou in classic beauty
Of thy noble past.
With thy watch words: honor, duty,
Thy high fame shall last!