Pacific Parents Association

The purpose of the Pacific Parent Association (PPA) is to help support student success by partnering with and connecting to a variety of campus faculty, staff, and alumni.

Each of you is already a member of the PPA by virtue of having a son or daughter enrolled at Pacific. PPA provides parents and family members the opportunity to know more about what students are doing and helps them to find ways in which to be supportive. There are many opportunities to build a stronger relationship with Pacific.

The following are a few examples of involvement opportunities currently available to Pacific parents and family:

  • Attending Parent and Family Weekend
  • Assisting the Admissions Department
  • Supporting the Pacific Fund
  • Serving as a Volunteer for Campus and Community Events
  • Attending Tiger Athletic Competitions
  • Assisting to Develop Career Resource Connections

Checklist for Parents from the Pacific Parent Association Board:

  • Remind your student to carry their Pacific ID Card with them at all times. 
  • There are departments on campus that can assist your student’s physical, emotional, and academic needs. Encourage your student to take advantage of these services when needed.
  • Your student will sign up for PacificCONNECT at Orientation. Ask your student to go online and sign you up too! This is an important service provided by Pacific that will contact you and your student in the event of a campus emergency. Under the new system, text and voice messages will be sent to the cell phone numbers provided by students, faculty, and staff through self registration, as well as to e-mail addresses and land-line numbers. The system was installed as part of ongoing efforts to improve safety measures on campus.
  • If your student is living on campus remember to get the name of their hall, room number, and Resident Assistant name in case of an emergency. 
  • Sign up to receive Parent Information, about periodic special announcements, the Parent E-Newsletter, campus information and more, by sending your email address to: 

For more information about Pacific Parent Programs contact: Office of New Student & Family Programs at 209.946.7619 or