Western Kentucky University

Banks and Financial Services

Find the nearest banks, credit unions and ATMs by Western Kentucky University that offer student checking.

Finding a bank near campus

Students appreciate bank accounts that they can conveniently access while at school. With a local account, your student can easily make deposits and withdrawals and get in-person help when needed. Look for a bank or credit union that offers:

  • Student checking accounts: Often these have low or no minimum balance, lower fees, and are tailored to your student’s needs.
  • An ATM and branch on or near campus: Find a bank with zero or low ATM fees. Many credit unions have agreements that allow students to use ATMS at other participating credit unions without paying a fee.
  • Options for online banking: Your student can easily keep track of spending. To protect against identity theft, remind your student never to access banking information from public Wi-Fi or devices.

Learning to responsibly manage money is an important life skill, and college is a great time for your student to take a bigger role in their finances.


Creating a spending plan with your student

Edmonton State Bank

1900 Scottsville Rd
Bowling Green , KY 42104

(270) 842-3333


Farmers National Bank

5290 Scottsville Rd
Bowling Green , KY 42104

(270) 783-8300


First Security Bank

771 Campbell Ln
Bowling Green , KY 42104

(270) 843-9833


Independence Bank

U.S. Bank ATM


1901 Russellville Rd
Bowling Green , KY 42101

(270) 782-4430


Pnc Bank

2629 Scottsville Rd
Bowling Green , KY 42104

(270) 745-9300


Pbi Bank

751 Campbell Ln
Bowling Green , KY 42104

(270) 746-9272


Farmers National Bank

1515 Campbell Ln
Bowling Green , KY 42104

(270) 781-6870