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Dear Parents,

Although it has been a few years since my freshman year in college, I can still remember the thrill of receiving my acceptance letter, and the excitement of starting a new and significant stage in my young life. However, I can also vividly recall the anxieties that surfaced in my parents upon their realization that their daughter was leaving the safety and comfort of their home to attend a university miles away. Perhaps much like the emotions you are feeling, they wanted to ensure that I would be safe, well-cared for, and in an environment that would broaden my learning and personal growth—of course in a manner that was as economic as possible!

Just as you are now visiting your son or daughter, when the time came for my parents to visit my campus, their anxieties heightened. They wanted to know where to stay, dine, and shop for last minute items they felt I couldn’t live without. They also wanted to know what activities they could do, or places they could visit while my orientation schedule kept me busy. Although my campus offered a wide variety of useful information for visiting parents, we quickly learned that it was not compiled into one all-inclusive resource for easy and convenient use. My parents’ personal experience of a void of comprehensive information is what sparked this venture. The idea of producing a University Parent Guide began as my senior project through the Leeds School of Business Entrepreneurship Program at the University of Colorado, Boulder. After graduating in 2004, I pursued University Parent Media full-time.

The University Parent Guide is now available at over 50 campuses nation-wide. We publish the guides with the mission of providing comprehensive information that will easily help you navigate the university and its surrounding community during your visit, as well as provide you with helpful tips and resources when you are back home!

This guide may not have been available when my parents needed it, but it is now! We hope you find it useful.

Enjoy your visit!

Best wishes,

Sarah Schupp

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