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The transition to college marks a significant developmental shift from family-based adolescence to semi-independent young adulthood. There are psychological stresses with any transition, and you can assist Babson and your child if you feel that this transition seems particularly difficult.

If your child has a history of mental illness or emotional difficulties for which he or she received treatment and/or medication, please help your child by sharing this information with Babson.

Do not assume that college will be a fresh start for your child if he or she has struggled with emotional difficulties. This is not a time to abandon established support in the form of treatment and/or medication.

If your child is currently on medication, please note that he or she should come to campus with an adequate supply for the first month or two. The Babson Counseling Program offers medication consultation and supervision in conjunction with counseling.

Take emotional issues seriously and encourage your student to talk with someone. Babson offers a variety of support resources, including peer mentors, resident assistants, Academic Services, Babson Counseling Program, Health Services, Residence Life, Campus Chaplains, and Student Affairs. More information on each of these services and more can be found at

There are no guarantees that your child will always make the wisest choices when it comes to their own personal health and wellness. While Babson holds a variety of programs throughout the year to assist with making good life choices, your efforts are likely to have a great impact as well.

Some ways you can help:

  • Talk openly about alcohol and other drugs
  • Empower your son or daughter to say “no”
  • Learn all you can about alcohol, “date rape drugs,” and other substances
  • Help your child learn from mistakes and the consequences of their actions
  • Leave the lines of communication open for mutually respectful, adult conversations 
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