Responsible Use of Technology

While the Internet is a wonderful resource and tool for college students, there are some uses that are inappropriate and can have serious legal and disciplinary consequences and lead to privacy concerns.

Students who download or distribute digital copyrighted files over the Internet or the Babson network are in violation of copyright law, Babson’s Computer Code of Ethics, and federal law. There are many accessible and legal file sharing technologies available to allow students to easily share and download music, movies, and videos, such as iTunes.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is actively pursuing legal action against college students who are involved in these commonplace activities. If contacted by the RIAA, Babson will support legal action taken, if appropriate. Please encourage your child to be a responsible user of technology and ensure that he or she understands Babson’s Computer Code of Ethics and Network Use policy.

The use of online communities and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter offer many opportunities for students to interact as individuals and groups. This results in various relationships and communities and for this reason, it is a valuable resource. We also are aware of the risks that students take when sharing personal information online. Often, alumni, employers, peers, and strangers, as well as Babson faculty and staff, are viewing this content. We encourage students to think about the online identities they create, and to be aware of how they portray themselves in this public forum.

It is important to be careful about what information is posted about oneself and others. Babson does not have a policy for monitoring online communities. However, if an issue is brought to our attention, we may be obligated to address it. We encourage you to have a discussion with your child about the risks and rewards of online communities.

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