Helping With the Transition to Babson

The amount of support and mentoring Babson students receive is one of the true hallmarks of the Babson experience.

Resources abound on campus. In addition to the mentoring we provide-you will still remain that key source of support in your new student’s life.

During the first year of college, you will see and hear a variety of changes in your child. From living in a new place to learning how to meet expectations in this new role as a young adult learner, your child is on “new experience overload.”

When your child embarks on the Babson experience, he or she will rely heavily on the values and moral compass that you have instilled through the years. When your child leaves home, you will have to trust his or her instincts and ability to make a positive transition.

Even though your child is becoming an adult, he or she will still need your support and guidance. As a parent, you need to ensure that your child knows you are there for the difficult times. However, try to let your child address the everyday obstacles he or she may encounter, such as roommate conflicts, course registration, room selection, disciplinary concerns, or grade disputes.

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