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While your son or daughter may be "all grown up," when they are sick, stressed or scared they may need a little support. You may not be able to be at your student's side, but there is still plenty you can do to help. UniversityParent can point you in the right direction. Check to see if Babson College has a health center, as this can great resource if your student is feeling sick. If your student is overly stressed, it may be a good idea to encourage them to check out counseling services on or near campus.

Important BC Health and Safety Links for Parents

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Health and Safety Resources

VaccinationGet Vaccinatedhttp://www.cdc.gov/family/college/

Health & Safety


Q: What vaccinations does my student need before heading back to school?

Preparing your student to go to college involves more than helping them choose classes and pack their bags. Specific vaccination requirements differ among universities, but it's important to check them right away, as some vaccines require multiple doses. For a list of commonly required or suggested vaccines, read the full article.

Q: How do I talk to my student about staying healthy in college?

Now that your student has headed off to college, they need to start taking care of their own health. However, as college-aged children transition to adult independence, parents can and should continue to support and influence them. Familiarize yourself with the campus health resources available, so you're ready if your student has a problem. Keep communication with them about their health open by refraining from judgment on health related topics and giving advice only when asked. For more advice, read the full article.

Q: What if my student gets sick on campus?

Your student's college health clinic is a great resource that can provide standard medical care, similar to the doctor your student visits at home. They accept most insurance and the nurses and doctors are available to help your student with a variety of health related concerns. Make sure your student checks to see if they need to provide a doctor's note if they are missing classes. For more common parent questions see the full article.

Q: How do I help my stressed out student?

If your student is beginning to show signs of stress, it's a good idea to talk to them and help them find a coping strategy that works for them. Common results of stress are insomnia, anxiety and depression, so if their stress becomes a serious problem it may be time to turn to counseling or mental health services; these services are often available on campus. Read the full article for four main ways of coping with stress.

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