Bus Transportation at Buffalo State

NFTA Student Transit Pass

Funded by the college’s transportation fee, the NFTA CRAM (College Riders Accessing Metro) Pass program provides undergraduate students with unlimited access to the NFTA Metro Bus and Rail System plus a campus circulator shuttle (#206). Details regarding the routes and schedules may be found at the NFTA website.

A CRAM Pass, along with a current Buffalo State photo ID card, is required to use any of the services. CRAM Passes may be picked up from the E. H. Butler Library Information Commons. Faculty, staff and campus visitors may use the NFTA campus circulator shuttle at the cost of regular fare (currently $2).

You may find more information about transportation services including the Buffalo CarShare program, electric vehicle charging stations, motorist assistance program, bicycles on campus and more by logging onto the following websites: suny.buffalostate.edu/transportation-and-safety-services and financeandmanagement.buffalostate.edu/transportation-services.

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