Columbia University Move-In

Find a hotel near Columbia University for Columbia Move inIs your student moving away for college this fall? Now is the time for your Columbia University student to prepare to move in.
Columbia University move-in date: August 31

How to prepare for move-in day:

  • Book a hotel near Columbia right away! New York City hotels near Columbia fill up fast for move-in weekend, so it’s important to make your reservation as soon as possible. Explore hotels near Columbia University.
  • Plan transportation. If you’ll be driving, plan your route and book hotels for overnight stops if necessary. Also, pack overnight gear as well as valuables in an easy-to-reach spot to bring into the hotel with you. If you and your student will be flying, check baggage prices, plan what you will send ahead and/or buy there, and reserve a rental car.
  • Have your student get in touch with their roommate. Find out what time he or she plans to arrive, and have your student discuss with their roommate any larger or shared items to avoid unnecessary duplication.
  • Start refining your packing list. Not sure where to start? Use our ultimate college packing guide to work thorough what to bring vs. buy there, which items to talk over with a roommate, and what your student should leave behind. You may also enjoy our tips for a hassle-free move to campus.
  • Make time for important conversations. You’ll still be there for your student when they’re away at college, but there are some things that are best discussed in person, before they begin their time at Columbia University. Consider discussing these suggested conversation topics with your college student shared by Student Life expert Jo Calhoun.
  • Take breaks, relax, and have fun! Don’t let packing completely overtake your son or daughter’s last summer before college. It’s not the end of the world if you forget something; it just means you already know what will be in your student’s first care package! Whenever you find yourself or your student getting stressed about the packing process, take a break, relax, and make another memory with your student.

Move-in Checklist:

Columbia University move in is approaching. Book a hotel near Columbia now!

  • Review our college move-in day tips.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes (and sun screen!)
  • Bring a notepad to write down items you’ve forgotten AND to write down your student’s new mailing address.
  • Arrive early.
  • Check in and begin helping your student unpack. Don’t worry about making everything perfect; your student will have time to rearrange later.
  • Exchange contact information with your student’s roommate and roommate’s parents.
  • Go to the store to buy any urgent necessities and pick up items you ordered ahead.
  • Explore Columbia University campus and {CITY}.
  • Take a photo of your student in his or her dorm room to commemorate the occasion.
  • Leave on a positive note, reminding yourself of all the great experiences and opportunities your student has in store for them at Columbia University.
  • Take time to learn about what the first few weeks of college will hold for your student, and get ideas of how to best support the start of your student’s time at Columbia University.

Move-in details are subject to change. Check the Columbia University housing website for updates.

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