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Electronic FAFSA Directions for PIN Number

The following instructions are to assist you in the completion of the FAFSA online. You will first have to obtain two PIN numbers to complete the FAFSA.  Log on to the website: FAFSA.

Below are directions in obtaining your pin numbers off the website:

  • Go to FAFSA.
  • Click on Register for PIN on left hand side, fourth green box.
  • Click on the brown box called “Applying for pin”.
  • Click next on the following page.
  • Complete the information requested.

After you receive the pin numbers from FAFSA, you can now complete the FAFSA forms.  You will receive your pin numbers in two to three days.  Once you have the pin numbers, go back to FAFSA.

  • Click on “Fill out a FAFSA” — (the green box in the middle).
  • Select 2010 – 2011 FAFSA.  Then click “NEXT”.
  • Choose “YES” on the next page and click “NEXT”.
  • Fill in the 4 questions including the pin given to you and click “SUBMIT”.
  • You are now ready to complete the FAFSA.

You will need two pin numbers to log into the FAFSA form online, one for the parent and the other one for the student. You may obtain the second pin number by following the first five steps. Please make sure to obtain 2 PINs.

The Federal Student Aid PIN site may be helpful.

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