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STUDENTS FIRST is at the heart of all we do at Felician College. Emphasizing the development of the complete person, we provide learning experiences and innovative programs to help students develop their full potential on every level – intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual. Simply put, we nurture the success of each and every student.

Felician College offers academic and professional programs in the liberal arts tradition designed to help prepare today’s college students to assume their roles as members of an increasingly global community. For example, Felician College is one of only a handful of colleges in the world to be granted Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) status at the U.N., granting our students the opportunity to become United Nations Fellows with unprecedented access to politicians, diplomats and ambassadors, and to attend all U.N. conferences. In addition, student voices can be heard in the global market through our state-of-the-art digital radio station, WRFC, streaming on the Internet 24 hours a day.

At Felician, every student participates in the Core Curriculum, a one-of-a-kind program that encourages students to examine their motivations, actions and existence. During the senior year, students explore the practice of Franciscan virtues through hands-on service projects in the community. Our students are making a difference.

You will find that Felician College is small and personable – our students are comfortable talking with their professors, finding a tutor or forming a study group. In addition to offering a successful academic experience to all of our students, we also like to have fun. There are plenty of after-class activities on campus to enhance the college experience and bring students together – video games and snacks at the “Falcon’s Nest” or curly fries and Buffalo wings at the “Caf.” The Student Government Office (SGO) and the Office of Residence Life plan and coordinate many of the student activities on campus.

Please use this guide to assist you in the college selection process and to learn more about Felician College. I strongly encourage you to visit our campus and meet one-on-one with advisors, faculty and staff who care deeply about your child’s success.

We are a family here at Felician, with personal success inside and outside the classroom as our hallmark. It is my hope that your son or daughter will soon join us as an essential member of our family.

Steven Goetsch
Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Enrollment Services

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