Choosing a Major at FIU

By Hazel Hooker, Associate Director, Office of First-Year Programs

Welcome to Florida International University! Did you know we offer almost 70 undergraduate degree programs? As you can imagine, choosing an appropriate major can be a challenging and nerve-wracking experience for students. Luckily, students can choose “Exploratory” as a major while undergoing the decision-making process.

Most freshmen, including those who declared a major, experience uncertainty or “undecidedness.” That is why it is extremely important for students to be proactive and take the necessary steps to select a major or confirm the chosen one as early as possible. To help with selecting a major we encourage students to utilize the resources listed below that are available at Florida International University.

Academic Advising Center

Academic advisors in this area are specifically trained to work with students who are exploring majors.

With their assistance, students will:

  • Learn to interpret MyMajorMatch results. This assessment is available when logging into, under the academics tab.
  • Learn about the workshops and major-related professional panels offered every semester. Workshop topics include, but are not limited to choosing a major, networking, time and stress management, library research strategies, linking courses with career skills, and careers in the health field.
  • Learn how to use and to research FIU majors and requirements.

Learn more about the Academic Advising Center.

Courses for Exploratory Students (1 credit)

By taking Discover Your Major
(SLS 1402 – freshmen only) or Major
and Career Exploration (SLS 3407 –
minimum sophomore standing required) students will:

  • Learn how to match interests
    and skills to an appropriate major
    or career.
  • Learn how to utilize campus resources.
  • Learn how to interpret MyMajorMatch and other assessment results.
  • Be able to make an informed decision on selecting a major or career path.

Learn more about these courses.

Career Services

Career counselors equip students with the tools to develop and manage their careers within a global workforce. Students will:

  • Learn about workshops and assessments that will help narrow down major and career options.
  • Learn about career options within the chosen field.
  • Learn about available internships that will expose them to their field of interest.
  • Seek help with developing an impressive and representative resume.

Learn more about Career Services.

Five Ways to Help Your Student

  • Create a supportive and encouraging environment
  • Help them think through their interests, abilities, values, and goals
  • Encourage them to speak with their academic advisor about potential majors and associated coursework
  • Motivate them to research occupational information such
    as the job outlook, salary, and working conditions for their
    field(s) of interest
  • Urge them to engage in informational interviewing, job shadowing, and internships

Indecision early on in college is normal. At FIU, our goal is for students to feel connected to the campus and take full advantage of our resources. A big part of that involves assisting students with identifying a field of study and working with them to develop an academic and career plan that will enable them to be successful. Remember, your student is not alone! We are here to help them through this process.

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