Fort Lewis College Orientation

Find a hotel near Fort Lewis College for Fort Lewis OrientationFort Lewis College freshman orientation is the next step for your admitted student. Start planning now; we have orientation dates, help to find a hotel near FLC, and orientation tips for parents.
Fort Lewis College orientation dates:
August 27-29

Planning for orientation:

  • Register for an orientation session. If students will be completing registration during orientation, signing up for a session earlier in the summer can help your student get the classes they want. Your student can register for orientation now.
  • Decide whether or not you will be attending. Parent orientation programs can be a great opportunity to get to know the university and have any questions answered (or any worries assuaged). Accompanying your student also gives you a chance to get to know Durango and scope out places to go and things to do on future visits. Not convinced? Learn more about the benefits of attending orientation.
  • Make your hotel reservation. As soon as you know the dates, book your hotel and make travel arrangements. Durango can fill up quickly during Fort Lewis College events! Explore hotels near Fort Lewis College campus.

Pre-orientation checklist:

Fort Lewis College orientation is approaching. Book a hotel near FLC now!

  • Gather documentation and forms the university has sent your student into a folder. You may want to bring two copies, one for your student and one for you.
  • Review course registration materials, and encourage your student to start looking through the course catalog and general education requirements.
  • Go over your student’s Financial Aid information with your student. Bringing your student into the financial discussion early can make a huge difference!
  • Check through the housing information, and start working on a packing list. Not sure where to start? Use this complete packing guide as a template.
  • Look at the university’s health insurance information. Will you keep your student on your insurance, or does it make more sense to switch to the university’s plan? What documentation is required to opt out?
  • As you complete the previous items, write down any questions that arise. Chances are they will be covered during orientation, but if not, you should have an opportunity to ask your questions during orientation sessions.
  • Check out additional orientation tips including how to prepare and what to expect.

Orientation details are subject to change. Check the Fort Lewis College orientation website for updates.

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