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More Than Just a Paycheck

Working while in college is one of the most universal experiences of college life.

Regardless of financial need, course schedule, or time constraints, student employment works for everyone. Having all aspects of the campus work program in one location allows Hopkins students to quickly and easily find part-time work. Components such as job postings, hiring documents, and payroll processing come together to form a comprehensive student employment office.

Why should my freshman student work?

This is a question asked by many freshmen parents. Studies have shown working 2 – 5 hrs. per week can actually help freshmen acclimate to college life. Campus employment provides students with a safe environment where they feel comfortable, become familiar with the campus from behind the scenes, and work directly with faculty and staff who understand student needs. Campus jobs can, and often do, act as campus families.


Additionally, students can:

  • Explore career options ‘hands-on’
  • Acquire practical experience
  • Ease financial burdens

What types of student jobs are available?

The type of job your student gets will depend on their interest, skill set, and willingness to explore new fields. Student jobs are available on all JHU campuses including the medical campus.


Jobs range in scope, including:

  • Lifeguard to Fitness Instructor
  • Office Assistant to Library Aid
  • Research Assistant to Web Designer
  • Eco Rep to Orchestra Assistant

How can students find time to work?

How will your student spend his/her free time? The following chart shows the amount of free time the typical student has each week.

What documents do students need in order to work?

1. Form I-9: All new student workers must complete a Form I-9; this is a federal employment eligibility form. In order to complete this form, students MUST present valid documentation as listed below

  • U.S Citizens may use their Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, valid Passport, etc. Photocopies are not acceptable. For a complete list of acceptable documents for U.S. Citizens visit the Student Employment web site at > Student Handbook
  • For International Students, the list of acceptable documents is based on the student’s visa type:
  • F-1 students must present their I-94, I-20 and valid Passport.
  • J-1 students must present their I-94, DS2019 and valid Passport.
  • LPRs (Legal Permanent Residents) may present either their SSN Card along with a Photo ID (or) their government issued LPR Card.

2. Work Permit: All student workers age 17 and under MUST have a valid Work Permit on file for the State of Maryland before beginning work. The Work Permit application is on-line and can be started before the student arrives on campus. For complete details, please visit our website at > Student Handbook.

Do students need Work-Study to get a job?

  • No. Of all Homewood students who work, less than ½ have work-study. It’s true that students with work-study have an advantage. However, here at Hopkins, we are fortunate to have more than enough student jobs to go around. As a result, there are plenty of campus jobs for students regardless of financial need.

If you have a question that we didn’t answer here, please visit our web site which is an excellent resource for new students or feel free to contact us directly. We welcome the opportunity to talk with new students and their parents.


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