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Find urgent care, family doctors, dentists, optometrists, dermatologists and other specialists near Johns Hopkins University.

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Staying healthy in college

When your student or a friend is sick or injured, their first instinct is to call a parent. Be ready by putting together a list of services on or near campus, or be proactive and send the list to your student before they need it.

You may want to include the location and phone number for:

  • The on-campus health center and counseling office
  • The closest urgent care center
  • A local pharmacy
  • A general practitioner doctor
  • A dentist in the area
  • An optometrist (if your student wears glasses or contact lenses)
  • Any specialists your student visits regularly (e.g. a dermatologist)

Check to make sure your student’s insurance will be accepted at these locations. If you would like to be able to speak to health care professionals about your student, consider filling out a health information release form with your student. Find more information on HIPAA here.

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