Dear Parents:

Dear Parents:

It is the time of year we are preparing to receive our students back from college to join us in many family traditions and holiday events.  Remembering that these young adults have now forged a new path into their future by becoming more independent learning new skills and adopting some new behaviors, I’d like to take a moment to share some thoughts with you.  The social life of the college student can look very different from the social life of a high school senior.  You might take time to talk to your student over this break about some of the new experiences they have encountered.

Be thinking about your expectations for curfews and schedules.  These young men and women have now been making social choices based on their wants and needs and not that of the family.   In some families the “command performances,” you know the ones where everyone must attend, are talked about well before the student’s arrival home as they may have very different images of their break than you do.

Finally, be aware that your student may have expanded, experimented or been exposed to alcohol and drugs in a new way this fall.  Be open to discussing the experience with them.  Knowing that the laws of this state govern behaviors around underage drinking and illegal drug use should not make a conversation between parent and student taboo.  Experimentation does not mean a student has a problem but be aware and open in the event you see changes in your student; restlessness, irritability and discontentment. Talk to them and be a resource.

At the Collegiate Recovery Center our door is always open to your student to talk about substance issues and support any changes they are considering.  The CRC vision is to provide a nurturing accepting place that meets the needs of students seeking help with change and to advance the prevention and education of alcoholism, chemical dependency and other addictive behaviors in the collegiate community.

For further information about the Collegiate Recovery Center and our services please contact us at [email protected] or call 678-797-2538

Have a safe and peaceful holiday break,

Teresa Wren Johnston

Director Collegiate Recovery Center.

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