Tips for Keystone Parents

Keystone College is committed to keeping parents engaged in their student’s success while attending Keystone.

To this end, the College has created both a Parents Association as well as The Parents Advisory Council, which provide opportunities for parents and families to stay connected to their student; offer input on issues of importance to parents, families, and students; assist in the development and implementation of parent activities and more. You can help us to help your student by:

  • becoming a partner with us in the success of your student.
  • staying in touch with your student while allowing him/her room to grow.
  • understanding that adjusting to the college experience and workload can be stressful.
  • learning something about what college life is like and what to expect.
  • preparing yourself to deal with your student’s homesickness and perhaps your own “empty nest” syndrome.
  • attending Family Day, if possible.

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