LMU Career Development Services

Vision Statement

To inspire, challenge, and prepare students and alumni with a personal awareness and confidence in their gifts and abilities in order to target their vocational objectives and pursue a professional life with passion.

Mission Statement

By cultivating partnerships between students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and employers, CDS executes innovative programs and services and produces essential resources and opportunities that advance life-long professional pathways.

At LMU, we encourage students to take ownership of their career pathways, and recognize that career development begins the moment they enter the university, and continues through graduation and beyond. Students need to be thinking about their career goals early and often!

The professional services and programs offered by CDS include:
• Exclusive access to LionJobs LMU’s online internship/job search database
• Internships and seasonal, on-campus, part-time, and full-time job opportunities
• Networking Opportunities
• Personality, skill, and career interest assessment tools
• Online professional branding, profile development, and support
• Resume and cover letter reviews
• Career-focused workshops
• Class Presentations
• Large-scale Career-Expos and smaller scale Career Cafés
• Mock interviews

Career Development Services also facilitates all on-campus student work, including supervisor training, professional development training for student staff, and the processing of essential documents to get students into their work assignments.

Top Five Goals for All LMU Students

Each student attending LMU should engage in the following key experiences:

1) Internship(s)
Students should pursue at least one experiential learning/internship opportunity (research or practice, paid or unpaid, for or not for academic credit).

2) Formal Employment
Students should pursue a formal (paid) job opportunity (on-campus, part-time, seasonal)

3) Professional Profile Development
Students should build confidence in their identity and crafting a competitive portfolio (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, and social media presence)

4) Networking
Students should build a strong network of connections (professional organizations, mentors, faculty, staff, alumni, peers, and potential employers).

5) Academic Success
Academic achievement opens up opportunities and distinguishes talent.

Four-Year Professional Development Plan

First-Year Students: Discover who you are.

• Set-up a LionJobs account to research and apply for on-campus, part-time jobs
• Take Career Assessments to uncover your interests, skills, values, and personality
• Consider your Major(s) and Career Options
• Become a member of Student Clubs and Organizations
• Attend events and workshops on resume writing, interviewing, and more
• Follow CDS on Facebook and Twitter
• Network!

Second Year Students: Discern where you want to go.

• Meet with CDS to research career opportunities that would be a good fit for you
• Update your resume and cover letter, and build a profile on LinkedIn
• Attend Career Expos, Career Cafes, and other special events
• Secure an internship to explore potential career paths and gain professional skills
• Speak with faculty within your major to consider possible career paths
• Contact professionals in your field(s) of interest to set up an informational interview
• Meet with an academic advisor to determine if your interests, skills, and talents are aligned with your major.
• Network!

Third Year Students: Define how to get there.

• Take on a leadership role within a campus organization(s)
• Register for an internship course
• Meet with CDS to craft a strategic plan for launching your career
• Schedule a mock interview with CDS
• Continue building your professional network
• Pursue internships and/or part-time employment opportunities
• Network!

Fourth Year Students: Do us proud — Lion proud!

• Learn to articulate what will differentiate you from other job-seekers
• Find professional mentors who will assist with your job search
• Meet with CDS to develop and execute a job search strategy
• Attend Career Expos, Career Cafes, and other venues for interacting with employers
• Complete the Destinations Survey to let us know where you are headed next
• Attend events featuring Alumni to network with the LMU Lion Family
• Stay connected to LMU by joining the Alumni Network
• Network!

Complete 4-Year Professional Development Plan

For more information contact:
Career Development Services
(310) 338-2871
Malone 201

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