Department of Public Safety at LMU

Our mission is to create and ensure a safe environment for the LMU community.

In addition to the Chief, the department employs a complement of managers and supervisors who handle campus patrols, event support, criminal activity, security technology, and access control. The department also maintains a staff of several contract security officers who conduct foot and vehicle patrols of the campus. In addition, LMU DPS employs several work-study students who assist the department with routine office functions and serve as after-hour campus escorts.

LMU Alert

During a campus or area-wide incident or emergency, the university will send important information and instructions to the LMU community via LMU Alert, which may include phone calls, text messages, and/or e-mails to registered users. As of summer 2012, all LMU students are required to register their personal information in LMU Alert. LMU may also utilize a public address system to provide information to learning spaces and offices. Parents can sign up for the parent alert system at

LMU Emergency Hotline

In an emergency, parents and LMU community members may obtain information via the LMU Emergency Hotline: (866) 568-2968.


Emergency information may be posted at and/or on the university’s website,

In case of an emergency, a student can:

• Dial 222 from any campus phone
• Call (310) 338-2893 (We advise all students to program this number into their cell phones)
• Go to the Public Safety Office located in the Foley Annex (across from Jamba Juice)
DPS is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

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