Welcome to LMU

Dear Parents,

Welcome to LMU! Steeped in great history and tradition, both our Jesuit and Marymount traditions set the foundation upon which we continue to build and grow.

We hope that you see firsthand the care that we take to create an environment of academic, personal, spiritual, and professional growth. At LMU your student will be challenged to grow by their interactions in the classroom, by their co-curricular experiences, and by their fellow classmates. We are all privileged to be a part of their journey as they strive to become the best version of themselves, each with the opportunity to learn where their gifts and talents lie, and how to use them in the world.

We encourage you to empower your student to embrace the challenges they will face during their college years. The best way for you to help your student is to encourage them to: use all the resources available to them at LMU, be involved on campus, and use every opportunity to interact with faculty and staff to make their college experience all they imagine it to be.

We realize this year will be filled with many changes for both you and your student, but you are not alone. We will be here to answer questions and provide the resources that you will need to support your son or daughter and “let go.” The LMU Family Guide has important contact information that you will find helpful throughout your student’s time at LMU, and the Parent Program office is always here to help.

We are looking forward to a great first year!

Lisha Maddox

Parent and Student Outreach

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