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I can hardly believe that my daughter, “H” has almost completed her first year of college. What struck me the most was how she really stepped into all that college had to offer. Some things she embraced and some things she decided were definitely to be avoided. I think she’s looking forward to the summer break but it will be hard for her to be away from the constant engagement.

“H” is lucky to have found a university in which she feels she belongs and is growing. We realize that New Mexico Tech isn’t for everyone. For some, it’s too challenging. For others, it’s too far away from their loved ones. If students feel the need to leave after a year, they will most likely meet the 30 transfer credit hour mandate that most universities have for transferring. If they don’t, they can take some summer classes and beef up their GPA at the same time. Most transfer students can get some pretty nice scholarships and if NM students maintained their Lottery Scholarship, it will transfer.

Some of our students feel like Tech is where they should be; however, they chose to go it alone and have suffered for their inability to ask for help. If your student fits into this category, I implore you to encourage them to ask for help NOW before finals. I have mentioned on multiple occasions that our students have no excuses in terms of receiving assistance but they stereotypically don’t, to their own detriment.

Still others are unsure about their place at Tech. They haven’t yet found their “niche” and that’s normal. A few years ago, I recruited a young man who felt like he just didn’t fit in. I knew he loved to sing so I encouraged him to try-out for the spring musical. He got a part, wowed the crowd, and finally felt at home. On our web-site, there are events and activities listed every day. You might check it and encourage your student to attend a meeting – no expectations. Just go for the pizza, if nothing else.

We’ve changed our “Parents & Visitors” web-page. Please tell us what you think of it.
Happy Spring! Alli.
Allison Costello – [email protected]

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