Welcome to the Oregon Tech Family!

This is an exciting time for your student and for you, especially if this is your first to go off to college!

Please take some time to read the Oregon Tech Parent Guide so you can familiarize yourself with all that we offer students. We take great pride in the relationships the faculty and staff develop with students, both in the classroom and out. you, too, have a role in your student’s success and that is as a partner with us. Please remember, however, that college is all about learning self-advocacy and responsibility: let the student be accountable, while you provide the gentle guidance along the way.

This Guide provides descriptions of many services available to students to assist them in navigating the transition into college, to help them overcome the challenges they may face through their college experience, and to ultimately send them on with a degree in hand. The offices included in the Guide are: housing, dining, student health, campus life, academic success resources, and more. Please encourage your student to utilize the many resources available and understand that we are here for students and you.

The Student Affairs office is the “Go To” office when a student isn’t sure where else to go as we can direct the student to the appropriate office.

My office provides other services for students, which can be viewed on our webpages.

On behalf of the faculty and staff of Oregon Tech, I welcome your thoughts, suggestions, and concerns. I also hope to see you on campus, especially during Family Weekend (usually in November) and at your student’s graduation!


Erin Foley, Ph.D.

Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students

[email protected] or (541) 885-1011; www.oit.edu/studentaffairs

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