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University Parent Media (UPM) partners with Universities and Colleges nationwide to develop customized print guides, e-Newsletters, and online guides for the parents and families of college students.

Effective Communication with Parents and Families

Using content provided by the institution, we create effective, high-impact communication tools utilized by:

  • Parent Programs
  • Admissions Offices
  • Orientation Directors
  • Development Offices
  • Residence Life Departments
  • Alumni Offices
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Print Guide

"Provide parents with a handbook that they can consult year round for information, advice, and campus resources for their student."

print guides

Guide Information

UPM hard-copy guides provide institution-specific information for parents such as:

  • Academic Calendar
  • Important phone numbers and web sites
  • Student Services
  • Housing, Dining, Transportation resources
  • Unique programs and events
  • Campus history and traditions

Guide Distribution

Current partners distribute their guides:

  • At Orientation
  • During Family Weekend
  • On campus tours
  • During recruitment events
  • At the Visitors Center
  • During campus move-in
  • As invitations to Family Weekend
  • In acceptance packets
  • For fundraising campaigns

Create a Print Guide

To create a Parent Guide at your institution, contact:
Sarah Schupp
University and College Relations
[email protected]

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Online Guide

"Provide parents with an informative, interactive, and up-to-date online version of the parent guide."

online guides

Online Parent Resources

UPM hosts institution-specific online parent resource guides for each of our partners. Each site provides parents with the school content, as well as local community information. Providing parents with community resources helps to introduce parents not only to the University, but the surrounding area.


Current clients benefit from having:

  • An informative resource for parents to quickly find all of the Parent Guide information online
  • An opportunity to update information for parents seasonally

Create an Online Guide

To create a Parent Guide at your institution, contact:
Sarah Schupp
University and College Relations
[email protected]

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Electronic Newsletters

"Proactively build and expand parent relations through monthly updates."

Electronic Newsletters

Stay Connected to Parents and Families

UPM monthly e-Newsletters are an easy and effective way to stay connected with your parent audience and to keep your dialogue current.

Create a Parent Electronic Newsletter

To create an Electronic Newsletter at your institution, contact:
Sarah Schupp
University and College Relations
[email protected]



High-quality and Unique

"Partnering with University Parent Media has been a great decision. The staff members have been a pleasure to work with and have worked closely with us to create a high-quality Parent Guide and Parent Newsletter that are unique to the University of Miami. We are completely satisfied with our UPM experience."

Carrie Brunt Whiteside
Assistant Director, Orientation and Commuter Student Involvement at University of Miami

Professional and Impressive

"The Guide and E-newsletters provided by University Parent are a great resource to the parents of our students. They save us time and money and look very professional. University Parent is efficient in ensuring that the E-newsletters go out on time each month and keep our parents impressed."

Sara Hartley
Assistant Director, Parent Programs, University of Alabama

Effective and Cost-efficient

"The University Parent Media team has been great to work with and we have been very pleased with our partnership. We've been able to reach all OU undergraduate parents with a high quality, effective and cost-efficient publication via the Parent Guide and the electronic newsletter services for our Sooner Parents membership helps us send both a consistent message and look as the Parent Guide."

Becky Barker, Ph.D.
Liaison to Sooner Parents, University of Oklahoma

A Pleasure to Work With

The guides have arrived and look terrific. Thank you for a fantastic parents guide- you all were a pleasure to work with. And, the guides were delivered on time- actually a day early!! I am eager to see them in the hands of our new and returning parents next week during Orientation and Move-In. Thank you for a job very well done. When do we start on next year's!!??"

Carol Lorton
Director of Parents Program, Johns Hopkins University

Contact Us

To create a Parent Guide at your institution, contact:
Sarah Schupp
University and College Relations
[email protected]

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