Parent and Family Outreach Solutions

Parent and Family Outreach Solutions

Parenting from afar is challenging. Parents want to help, but often don’t know how to be helpful without being overbearing. The research shows that constructive parent involvement can lead to greater student engagement and retention rates. But, schools are challenged with limited staff & shrinking budgets, making it difficult to produce the print and digital publications with the information that parents need.

UniversityParent developed a solution to make it easy for schools to share exactly what parents need in print and online. We produce Parent Orientation & Family Weekend guides ( and email newsletters. We also provide articles, community resources and popular school links on

When you work with UniversityParent, every product is backed by the rich experience of team members who care deeply about your program’s success. This year, UniversityParent celebrates its 10th year in business. In this time, we’ve partnered with hundreds of universities to publish over 2 million parent handbooks, we’ve sent thousands of email newsletters to parents, millions of parents have visited, and we’ve published a comprehensive, well-researched Guide to Supporting Your Student’s Freshman Year available on

If you want to improve your parent resources, we can help!

Sarah Schupp

Call us: (303) 625-1756, (866) 721-1357

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