Ignatian Spirituality at Spring Hill College

What does it mean? Some terms and definitions:


An acronym for the Latin Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam which means “for the greater glory of God.” AMDG reflects the value of directing all of our efforts to the greater glory of God. All that we learn, think, feel, do, or say as individuals and as a community reinforces our mission to shine the light of God’s love in our world.

Cura Personalis:

Latin for “the care of the whole person.” Describes the value of caring for each individual, made in the image and likeness of God. Far more than just a GPA, class rank, or resume, each member of this community is God’s unique creation, demanding the highest respect for the dignity, worth and diversity of each person.

Faith that Does Justice:

As a community built on the Christian faith, we value practicing our discipleship by opening doors that others have shut, and by standing in solidarity with those that others have abandoned. Experience, reflection, action are integral to practice.
Finding God in All Things: Spring Hill College students are challenged to explore the Ignatian call to “find God in all things,” especially in the dynamics of daily life.

Forming Responsible Leaders in Service to Others:

This motto is the core of our mission. Through personal care for each of our students, seeking the “magis,” living for “the greater glory of God,” and practicing a “faith that does justice,” we become “responsible leaders in service to others.” During your time at Spring Hill, you are invited to adopt these core values as your own and are given the knowledge, skills and support you need to offer yourself as the change you wish to see in the world.

Seeking the Magis:

In Latin, Magis means “more” and is the term the Jesuits have used to describe the value of always searching for more – more truth, more dignity, more life. Instead of “being all that we can be,” as a Jesuit institution we strive through faith to “be more than we ever thought we could be.”

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