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Arash B. - Tutor

Master Java Tutor and Jr Web Developer
Arash B. -  Tutor
Hourly Fee: $50
Location: Annandale, VA
Travel Radius: 15 miles
In-person + Online
Your first hour with any tutor is always 100% refundable!

Personal Statement

Hello, my name is Arash! I have acquired a Bachelor's Degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in Information Systems. Currently, I am working as a software engineer/software developer. Throughout my years, I have developed a plethora of tutoring styles ranging from all ages and learning styles. I have attended college classrooms and succeeded in learning computer science fundamentals while other students have struggled to learn the material. Every teacher/tutor is different in which they...


As a complete novice to computer programming, I had been struggling very hard with learning what is essentially a new language. As a mature-age university student studying remotely, I am often isolated while struggling with new academic concepts. I reached out to Arash and was immediately glad I chose him as my tutor. He was kind, understanding and listened to my explanations of the way that I best learn, which is through metaphors and linking concepts slowly but surely. Computer programming doesn't necessarily lend itself to that, but Arash did an amazing job of doing exactly that. He patiently repeated concepts and adjusted his explanations and adjusted his language each time until he saw that I grasped the concept. Never making me feel at all silly for not understanding the very simple, basic building blocks of programming language, while also impressing on me that they're very important to learn and firmly but kindly letting me know that to go further, these foundational concepts are non-negotiable. Not only is Arash kind in his teaching method, he also: * took the time to prepare himself for our first session by reviewing the materials I am dealing with so he could specifically map out a plan for our tutor session and speak to the concepts * drove 50 minutes to our session as I asked for our first meet to be in person. He then drove 50 minutes back home in torrential rain! He didn't even mention to me until before he left that he'd driven so far to accommodate my request! Legend. * let me know that he'd be very happy to be flexible to accommodate my busy schedule going forward and can do in-person or online lessons In summary, I can't recommend Arash highly enough. He's a great tutor and seems like a genuinely nice guy too. Look forward to tackling computer programming with him over the coming weeks!
- Zomi F. from Washington, DC