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Brian G. - Tutor

Academic and Test Skills Coach
Brian G. -  Tutor
Hourly Fee: $58
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Travel Radius: 35 miles
Your first hour with any tutor is always 100% refundable!

Personal Statement

I am an electrical engineering graduate from Tulane University. I took several courses in various levels of math, including calculus, statistics, linear algebra and differential equations. Beginning my junior year, I became a teaching assistant for the math department. I helped grade homework assignments and weekly quizzes for intro. calculus and all the way up to calculus III.

In addition to my degree, I have been a tutor for almost 10 years. I have tutored mainly the SAT an...


Love his approach and attitude. He has a very nonjudgmental and no pressure teaching approach. Was punctual and stayed as long as my student needed. He is very friendly.
- Miranda R. from Studio City, CA
He was late for the agreed time but was apologetic about it. He covered a few topics with my daughter on her algebra 2 finals. He was a bit fast but my daughter understood and said has helped with her struggles. We look forward to more sessions with Brian
- Carla L. from North Hollywood, CA
My ninth grader has been struggling in ninth grade Biology, and Brian has really helped him understand the material. He comes prepared, knows his stuff, is very friendly and is super patient too.
- Ling C. from Beverly Hills, CA
My son just had his second session with Brian and we are both very happy we found him. Even though both sessions were in the late evening, Brian's liveliness and enthusiasm helped to engage my son throughout the 2+ hour session. He patiently and thoroughly went over each problem of the homework, making sure that my son understood the underlying concepts. His explanations are clear and common sense - he helps make the student feel as though they probably understood the subject all along! After both sessions with Brian, my son appeared relaxed, happy and confident, and much less intimidated by the subject. We are definitely sticking with Brian for the rest of the year!
- Selene T. from Los Angeles, CA
Thank you for helping Jaden get ready for the hspt test.Brian has given Jaden more confidence and now is ready to take the test.brian is also easy to work with and jaden had a great time studying with him.I highly recommend Brian to anybody that needs help.
- Allan R. from Northridge, CA
Very knowledgeable about Calculus and explained things well to our son in preparing for an exam. He was easy to interact with and gave some tips that the teacher had not.
- Karen H. from Encino, CA
Brian is a skilled teacher that effectively, and patiently, clarified so much for my son in one session. We/he look forward to the next session.
- Paisley I. from Topanga, CA
Brian is very patient and has a great grasp of the concepts. He was able to break difficult material down and make it easier to comprehend. If you're looking for a Calculus tutor, Brian is your guy.
- Robin W. from Los Angeles, CA
Brian helped both my boys, Geometry and trigonometry, respectively. He is a first-class teacher. We've tried several other tutors for years with varying results, never fully satisfied. But with Brian, we are here to stay. He is kind, thorough, knowledgeable and a gentleman. Thank you, Brian!
- Debbie L. from Northridge, CA
This was my son's first time with Brian, when I finished the session my son told me I want to tutoring again with him .. it's very nice. For me, my son has told me that he likes him very much, that is very important, since a student does not learn from someone with whom they feels uncomfortable, but they learns a lot from someone they likes. Thank you so much Brian it was a pleasure to meet you.
- Alexa D. from Studio City, CA
He has helped me with Calculus 1, really good tutor. He knows his stuff and is always prepared. Very flexible to meet your schedule as well. Highly recommend him if you need a good tutor!
- Brendon Y. from Valencia, CA
Hypothess testing, use of statistics calculator, confidence intervals, two sample t-tests, p-values and knowing when to reject the null hypothesis. He explained probabilities and test statistics in terms I could understand.
- Suanne K. from Burbank, CA
My son had a very difficult college math class and Brian was able to help him understand the material and he got a B. I would definitely contact him again for a math class if we needed him.
- Kristina K. from North Hills, CA
Brian really helped my daughter. She was so far behind in her Algebra 2 class and felt lost. Brian stayed extra time to help get her caught up. She said she feels so much more knowledgeable, and that's after only one lesson. Looking forward to more lessons. Thanks Brian!
- Erica B. from Long Beach, CA
I've never had a tutor before and I've always been afraid of judgement for not understanding concepts, he was very kind and patient and worked through each step with me. He was good thinking on his feet and although I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted to cover he rolled with it well. Would recommend if you're afraid of being tutored lol.
- Maris M. from Van Nuys, CA
Bryan was very quick to get down to work. He was able to tackle some immediate concepts and then we talked about what areas will need to be worked on. A little proactive mixed in with some immediate problems on the homework.
- Yasser S. from Tujunga, CA
Brian is a cool tutor. He seems knowledgeable and he has a simple approach, to tackle hard matters. I will definitely ask him for help again. he's efficient, right on time.
- Soraya M. from San Marino, CA
My son was struggling in college-level calculus . . . so much so, he failed his first test . . the first "F" he's ever received in his academic career. He was sinking fast since he hadn't yet grasped the basic principles that were the foundation of Calculus. Plus, he needed this class to transfer to a four year university. All of our stress levels were off the chart. Enter Brian: from the very first session, Brian was able to impart his substantial knowledge of the subject in ways that cut through the fog in which my son was stuck. Brian is patient, yet he also expects results, not in a domineering "come on, figure this out" tone, but in an encouraging, positive, "you can do this, you've got it" manner. Not only has my son grasped the basic concepts . . he's excelling in everything that's being thrown his way. That first "F" he got? It was replaced with an "A" when he scored 91% on the second test. Without reservation I wholeheartedly recommend Brian (as long as you don't take my son's scheduled slots!) He is worth every cent he charges for the results you'll get. He singlehandedly saved my son from needing to repeat this class, and, possibly lose his spot at the 4 year college. There are not enough positive things I can say about him! Thank you from the bottom-of-our hearts Brian . .You're the best!
- Scott D. from Simi Valley, CA
Brian has been a wonderful, patient and knowledgeable tutor for our son David. David was suffering most of last year as a freshman in high school. With Brian's help David is now receiving A's and B's. Our son's confidence has grown. And he feels Brian respectful and understands his challenges and is patience to let him process the information Brian is teaching him. We are so happy to have found Brian.
- Nancy F. from Simi Valley, CA
Brian tutored me in my college Calculus class. He always answered his phone, and he made himself available to meet whenever I needed. He is thorough with his work, yet efficient with time. He gets to the point, but does an amazing job explaining how you got there. He clearly has done this many times before, as he is the best tutor I have gotten thus far. He helped me improve my grades tremendously. Well worth my time, and especially at a good price! I could go on for a while, but all in all Brian is a great tutor, and I highly recommend his services.
- Emily D. from Lake Forest, IL