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Chand D. - Tutor

STEM/MCAT tutor for >10 years with a PhD. Results assured!
Chand D. -  Tutor
Hourly Fee: $50
Location: Alexandria, VA
In-person + Online
Your first hour with any tutor is always 100% refundable!

Personal Statement

My name is Dr D and I am a scientist and professor of human anatomy & physiology. I did my university work in biomedical engineering & physics. My MS and PhD are in cardiovascular and hemodynamic physiology. As a professor, I have taught hundreds of students the principles of human anatomy & physiology over the past six years. I have also taught and tutored physics, statistics, differential calculus, algebra, organic chemistry, general chemistry, biostatistics, biochemistry, English liter...


Chand and I went over the basics of statistics and probability. I was very confused prior to my session and now I feel much more confident! I?m excited to continue to learn!
- Naomi T. from Chicago, IL
Chand's knowledge in the course has proven to be very valuable. He exhibits patience and has a true passion for learning from his students and provides detailed instruction. His ability to simplify even the most complex equations to increase the student's confidence and ability to grasp the concepts is amazing!
- Vernon W. from New York, NY
I am applying for med school and Dr. D. provided some truly great info. about the process and what was involved. His insights into how I could proceed with my prerequisite courses were outstanding. He offered truly invaluable information about ways I could improve my application. It was a treat to speak with him. I encourage anybody whose interested to definitely give him shout out. Once again thank you Dr. D!!
- Wes L. from Kingwood, TX
Lessons with Dr. D. are phenomenal regardless of where you are in your education or application process. Dr. D. is instrumental in building my medical school application by breaking down step-by-step requisites to complete, providing an overview of the process, and patiently dispensing complex information.
- Chris C. from Greenwich, CT
Chand is very dedicated, supportive, and extremely patient tutor. He has an excellent grasp of statistics. I would recommend him to anyone who truly desires to improve their understanding of statistics. I have already recommended his services to others and will continue to do so.
- Bruce W. from Fort Belvoir, VA
Chand was very knowledgeable of the material (Biostatistics) I needed assistance with. He was patient and it seemed like he truly cared about me wanting to have a better understanding of the concepts instead of rushing through solutions. Would definitely book him again for help with any stats courses!
- Rozebel C. from Los Angeles, CA
I really like Dr. D. He is very knowledgeable and passionate and keeps lessons very relaxed while also making sure we learn the material. He is also very patient and is more than happy to go over concepts that we struggle with to ensure that we completely understand the material.
- Robin P. from Washington, DC
Dr. D helped me with my confidence in better understanding formulas and applicable tables. He helped guide me and offered great suggestions! We were able to accomplish a lot in a one hour session and I look forward to working with Dr. D. to finish out my semester!
- Libby D. from Virginia Beach, VA
Dr. D is an incredibly patient and thorough instructor! What was most helpful is that he was able to adjust his teaching style for my needs and for the course curriculum. He explained the basic concepts of Biostats better than the professors in my lecture and provided visual aids to the problems that are often cryptic and/or very abstract. Dr. D also didn't mind going over a problem to the most basic steps if I seemed stuck or confused on a section of a problem. Would definitely recommend for anyone who's not a strong math person like myself!
- Nicky S. from Bronx, NY
Chand is a lifeline to my son's AP Stats, AP Physics, and honors biology. He evaluated my son and is filling in the gaps in understanding. He is a perfect match for what we needed- and in all 3 subjects!! My son said he was ?amazing?....
- Margaret B. from Mc Lean, VA
My daughter had a great initial session with Dr. D. My daughter said he was very knowledgeable and his teaching style was very effective. Looking forward to him helping her improve her grades. More review to come.
- Jae C. from Herndon, VA
I went into my first session of tutoring with Chand with next to no confidence and within 45 minutes he was able to break down the basics that I didn't understand and work through problems to build up my confidence. Within one session my homework score went from a 33% to a 100%. He was so patient with me even when we had to go back to the very beginning basic steps and when I got confused. 5 days ago, I didn't think there was any chance that i would be able to pass my upcoming test but now thanks to Chand, I have so much more knowledge and confidence! I love that he takes time to make notes that he then shares with you after the session. I can tell that Chand really cares and that is very important to me. For the first time since the semester started, I feel like I will be successful!
- Lanier W. from Lakeland, FL
Chand did an excellent job at breaking content down for me and because of his patience and demeanor, I feel like I am going to be successful in my educational journey. His teaching style is methodical and patient because as he introduces each new principle, he takes the time to draw practical/meaningful connections from the subject to an area/experience that I may be familiar with. Because of him, I am feeling more and more confident in my ability to apply concepts to my coursework. By biggest fear has been not having the confidence to deal with subjects that I have not seen in a long time. Chand helped with that immensely by making me feel like I am in control of what I am learning and the pace at which I am learning it. I am really grateful for Chand and the hope that he has helped provide me with. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, patient, kind, funny, and enthusiastic teacher, please reach out to Chand D. He is a freaking awesome tutor!
- Samuel C. from New York, NY