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David B. - Tutor

Dr. David: Specialist in Dissertation, Capstone Stats SPSS STATA
Hourly Fee: $75
Location: Franklin Park, NJ
Travel Radius: 40 miles
In-person + Online
Your first hour with any tutor is always 100% refundable!

Personal Statement

Successfully guided to completion: 27 Capstone students, 18 Masters Students and 6 Ph.D. Students


He is wonderful. Very patient, answered all of my questions...understands research from A-to-Z, even qualitative! Without hesitation I would ask for his help again.
- Geanny R. from Woodland Hills, CA
David was extremely patient and explained everything very well. His knowledge of SPSS is remarkable!!! I will definitely be using his expertise in the future. Thanks, David! We will meet again soon!
- Laquisha J. from Zachary, LA
David helped me to develop a sound methodology for a dissertation, sampling techniques, and development of protocols for administering survey instruments. He was very systematic in explaining the various aspects of conducting the research, enabling me to follow and understand the process.
- Chas K. from Lithia Springs, GA
David helped me with understanding regression tables and results. He explains things very well. Also he prepared the lesson in advance, which I really liked. Thank you!
- Elisabeth R. from Greenfield, MA
David was very helpful when it came to examining my data set and identifying topics for me to discuss further with my methodologist. This session was also a nice refresher on where to locate things in SPSS since it has been a little while since I have used the program.
- Sonja L. from Norfolk, VA
David jumped right in and began assisting me with understanding complex data analysis using Stata. I really appreciated his professional manner and the clear way in which he instructed me on various techniques used to conduct the tests needed for my project.
- Christy J. from New York, NY
David has allowed me to grow as an educator by allowing me to understand the technical vocabulary involved in developing a capstone project. He was kind and patient. David explained details that I previously took for granted, this increased the overall quality of the paper. I truly appreciate the help and I'm sure you will find that he is definitely worth the time.
- Eloisa J. from Riverside, CA
Going through previous coursework that I was still uncertain with, David assisted me to clarify my questions. He was extremely helpful with his knowledge and the way to convey it in terms that made sense. He goes above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable with discussing your answers in detail before moving on. I?d highly recommend him!
- Michelle F. from Suffolk, VA
David took me back to the basics. I still have a lot to learn; but, I am sure I will get there. He is patient and helps go through each step along the way. I think when it comes to a methods course, it is imperative that one has patience and knowledge. David has it. I recommend his services.
- Olympia V. from Hammond, LA
David was very helpful with STATA and patient with helping me understand and repeat processes that were difficult to remember. I would recommend David as a tutor to anyone.
- Adrienne R. from Mcallen, TX
David takes the time to not just walk you through the steps of the problem, but ensures that you understand the concepts behind the steps. He gets to the "why" you do something. In this way, I have more than just a base understanding of the problem and the muscle memory to go through the steps. I actually understand the reasons for the steps which in turn makes the problems that much easier.
- Michael B. from Raeford, NC
David listened to my needs and personalized his sessions to my level. I found him to be very knowledgeable in SPSS, path analysis and SEM, and able to explain complex concepts in everyday language.
- Merlene R. from West Palm Beach, FL
David is fabulous. I have little self confidence when it comes to statistics and data analysis. Literally, my head spins and I get a knot in my stomach. David talks me through the analysis, step by step, explaining what the results mean and how to conceptually understand them. During this session we conducted an exploratory factor analysis and reliability testing (Cronbach's alpha) for a measurement tool I am using in a project. I actually understand the process!! David has been great and I am happy to work with him.
- Vickie L. from Lutz, FL
I had some questions about weighting in SPSS, among other things. David taught me what I needed to know and made me feel more confident using SPSS. His lesson was concise and thorough, and he taught me what I wanted to learn as well as adding some helpful tips I wouldn't have thought to ask for. I would recommend David for anyone trying to navigate SPSS or other data analysis!
- Ariane W. from Denver, CO
Hands down the best tutor I?ve had. David has so much experience in statistics/biostatistics, that he was able to expand on concepts in many different ways so I was engaged and fully understand my assignment. I?m feeling a lot more confident in my coursework after our session. He was prepared, and even had his own examples for me. Thank you David!
- Christina C. from Hacienda Heights, CA
He was great. I learnt more from him than I learnt in a semester. SPSS data analysis. He made it so simple, I can now run with it. He was very patient, making it easy to learn.
- Yvonne L. from Germantown, MD
David was VERY helpful in guiding me through the problems I was struggling with. Our dialogue ranged from intermediate to complexity. Whatever your starting point is, he will bridge the gap to help you understand.
- LeAndre B. from Durham, NC
David explained basic to complex concepts of statistics that I should have understood a long time ago in such a way that the barrier that was causing me to not learn was lifted and now: I GET IT! I highly recommend David. He is a well qualified and articuate statistical tutor.
- KellyAnn G. from Dallas, OR
Very detailed, and knowledgeable. Knows his subject very well. Was very patient despite being late hours. Very professional as well. Went over all the needed topics in a detailed manner.
- Nikki S. from Cleveland, OH
he is really good tutor and friendly :D was really helpful for my homework. thank you again XD. I will definitely comeback to this service again for future lesson!!
- Jeongsup S. from College Place, WA