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Terrific Math & Science Tutoring and More!
John H. -  Tutor
Hourly Fee: $95
Location: Manhattan Beach, CA
Travel Radius: 8 miles
In-person + Online
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Personal Statement

My greatest strength as a tutor (beyond really knowing the subjects I tutor) is my ability to adapt to and match the way you learn. A close second is my ability to take abstract concepts and make them much more understandable. I don?t do ?tricks? since it takes as much effort to memorize tons of tricks as it does to actually learn the stuff (though I do have plenty of ideas on how to do things more easily). What I do do is teach solid theory, techniques, and study skills as simply and directl...


I can't say enough about John. He met me in crisis, several chapters behind in my Statistics course. He understood the sense of urgency to catch up, did his best to accommodate my difficult schedule, and exhibited great patience and compassion during our lessons. I'm a bit of a stressed out learner, especially with anything numbers related. He attacked the concepts from different angles until it started to make sense. In my initial tutor search John was a bit out of my budget but I've found the level of conceptual understanding he can give has made him a very valuable resource. At this point I have worked with John for almost a week and we have 3 more to go. You should absolutely consider him for your tutoring needs!
- LYNDSEY D. from Los Angeles, CA
My son transferred schools at the beginning of second semester and faced a honors chemistry class that was not only being taught from a different book, but approach towards the material was completely different. Needless to say he was at a loss and needed immediate help to grasp concepts that his previous class hadn?t taught yet. Fortunately, we heard about this service and immediately went in search of a tutor. Mr. John has been able to explain concepts in 40 minutes that my son struggled with for about two weeks. He ability to translate concepts and theory has my son walking away from each session with a smile on his face and the confidence that he will be successful in this course. If you are looking for a calm, astute, instructor, Mr. John is definitely the tutor for you.
- Yvonne H. from Playa Del Rey, CA
John has helped our 10th grade son tremendously with algebra 2 honors . He teaches so that the facts are easy to learn and master. John is very accessible and accommodating. We continue to use John on a weekly basis!
- Tim H. from Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA
John knows everything and makes it fun.
- Leo N. from Redondo Beach, CA
John helped my daughter prep for Calculus and Chemistry tests. He explained the concepts very clearly and helped her gain a better understanding. She felt more confident going into her tests.
- Lauren B. from Manhattan Beach, CA
John is a fantastic tutor for calculus. On short notice, we set up an appointment as I needed help preparing for a final exam in calculus. John showed up on time and got right to work. Within the first 5 minutes, I knew that I had made the right choice in selecting him. He is very knowledgeable about the subject and made sure that I understood each step that we talked about. He broke the complex material involving the fundamental theorem of calculus down into very easy to understand elements. I would highly recommend John to anyone who is having trouble with Calculus or any other type of math.
- Bob P. from Torrance, CA
John is a very patient & knowledgeable tutor. He helped my son prep for the ASVAB. He really helped my son break down concepts & helped simplify concrete equations in Math. He gave him tips&tricks to understand problems more clearly. He was able to adapt to my son's thinking & learning style. He helped ease my son's anxiety for his upcoming ASAVAB test. I highly recommend John!
- Lydia C. from Redondo Beach, CA
John helped me out with organic chemistry. Very knowledgeable, helpful, gave context to make it significantly more interesting. He's also very honest in what he says, and really helps to teach you how to get to an answer, and includes little tricks in between to help you get there.
- Greg S. from Manhattan Beach, CA
John is the best tutor out there! He is patient and truly cares about your understanding of material and your success. I hired John about a month ago to help me with my CBEST Mathematics section. Before hiring him I took the CBEST and received the score of a 27 on my mathematics section. When John and I first started working together, I did not have many mathematical skills and no confidence in passing the CBEST, but he helped me obtain the skills and knowledge I needed within a month to successfully pass the CBEST. My score went from a 27 to a 53! That is impressive. He has multiple methods of doing a problem and achieving the answer to a mathematics question. If I did not know how to work the problem with the first method he showed me, John would offer many other methods, until the light bulb went off in my head and I understood. He would then check for understanding by asking me on a scale from 1-5 what my understanding was and based on the number from the scale I gave him, we would continue working or move on. John gave me study tools on how to prepare for my test and the tools I needed while taking the initial test. He would make notes in different colors to help remember important pieces on how to complete an answer and he would give me the notes after to reflect upon as I practiced what he taught me. He also had word phrases that helped me remember how to complete a problem. He had special ways that I had never heard of before that showed how to complete a hard equation in an easier way. John would also help me with making my flashcards. Not only did John and I work on my mathematical abilities but he helped me learn new skills and knowledge about how to be a better Elementary School Teacher. He made me feel comfortable to ask any questions, even if I felt silly about asking them. Every question was a valid question. He taught me how to look at all experiences positively. He was very patient and understanding. I plan to continue working with John to work on the Common Core Standards for Elementary School. I highly recommend working with John!
- Hannah M. from Redondo Beach, CA
Great tutor for my son's P-chem class. Helps him understand the material and prepare for tests. Glad we found him on Wyzant website. We're looking forward to a pleasant semester
- Evleen B. from La Canada Flintridge, CA
We worked on troubling GMAT problems together. John was thoughtful, thorough, and an all-around delight, breaking down complicated problems into simpler, easier-to-manage components. Wish he'd been my math teacher back in the day!
- Maeve I. from Marina Del Rey, CA
John is an open and honest communicator; he is a true teacher and trustworthy educator. Through his years of practice he has refined his craft, and I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a mentor and or guidance in a specific academic area. I give him 6 stars.
- Fred W. from Santa Monica, CA
John H. is an amazing tutor. He is not only patient, but also is committed to ensuring that his students understands the in's/out's of the topics at hand. I was in a situation where I had a below par GMAT score for Business school admissions, and I decided to take on a calculus course to help bolster up my quant representation for my applications. With that said - time was of the essence, and I had notified John of such and what my goals were for our sessions. At this junction the last time I had taken calculus was over a decade ago in High School, and I needed someone to "dumb it down" for me. What I appreciated most about John was his ability to explain concepts from different angles to ensure they stuck. John is an engineer by training, and I am also in a technical field - so he was able to draw parallels to me that made things click. I am by nature someone who needs to understand the WHY behind things, and not just learn about quick tips/tricks, and it was for this reason why I was so lucky to have been working with John b/c that is his exact style of teaching! I would recommend John to anyone who is looking for a stellar math tutor. At the end I gained admissions to a Top MBA program - and I am so grateful for the work John and I were able to achieve together. -Rich
- Rich C. from Santa Monica, CA
My son liked John so much he wants him to return tomorrow! My son likes very few tutors so I am delighted. I'd give 6 stars if I could ... John made Chemistry interesting for my son and we will be interested to see how it impacts his grades
- Diane C. from Los Angeles, CA
I worked with John for GRE math tutoring. He is patient and great at explaining math concepts in various ways, depending on your style. He is also flexible and understanding of last minute scheduling / LA traffic!
- Danielle D. from Santa Monica, CA
I am probably his test case--I never had the classes in math to serve as a foundation--and I am also SO afraid of failing. However, he started from the beginning, and I slowly began understanding math!!! SO glad to have found him!
- Cheryl C. from Torrance, CA
John is an excellent tutor, and I have had many. He is very capable, can explain at the level you need, makes sure you understand, patient, very professional and nice. I would definitely continue to use John. Outstanding tutor.
- Shirley H. from Manhattan Beach, CA
I recently hired John to tutor two of our employees who were having some trouble adapting to new computer-based workflows. John was extremely thorough, first going over in great detail my goals for hiring him, as well as developing an understanding of our corporate procedures and workflows, to see how he could best help our employees get up to speed as efficiently as possible. Since the tutoring, our employees not only complete their tasks quicker, but more importantly, they have a better understanding of what they are doing, and why. They have a much greater understanding of computers and file operations, so when something occurs that is slightly out of the ordinary, they are able to adapt and figure it out for themselves, which before John worked with them, they did not have the confidence to do. I found John very easy to work with. Our employees echoed this sentiment, and also reported how patient he was in explaining concepts they found tricky. I would definitely hire John again, and would wholeheartedly recommend him for computer tutoring, or any other subject he is knowledgeable in.
- Ramon B. from Culver City, CA
John masterfully guided my son through AP physics and AP calculus this past year. My son was overwhelmed and didn't really understand how to approach the college level coursework. Having John help him digest the material and review concepts that were confusing or just didn't stick was exactly what he needed to regain his confidence and successfully finish the year.
- Bonnie M. from Venice, CA
Without John I am not sure I would have made it through statistics, and with an "A" to boot! I am an adult learner and currently enrolled in an online school working on my BSN (Bachelor's of Science in Nursing). John is non-judgmental and extremely patient. He had no problem meeting me in coffee shops in my area. During our sessions, he wrote things out, and drew diagrams, which was helpful because I am a visual learner. He is a brilliant man but was still able to break down the concepts so that I could understand them. I highly recommend John as a tutor to any age - his rate is worth every penny!
- Suzie S. from Los Angeles, CA