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Nafez B. - Tutor

Dr. Nafez B. B.Sc. Civil Engineering, Ph.D.
Nafez B. -  Tutor
Hourly Fee: $40
Location: San Diego, CA
Travel Radius: 25 miles
In-person + Online
Your first hour with any tutor is always 100% refundable!

Personal Statement

I started my adjunct teaching in the department of Structural Engineering, Faculty of Civil engineering, at BU, in 1991. In 2008 I started my teaching in WIU (Privet University) for six years. After teaching for approximately 23 years, I have enjoyed each and every course I have taught. The time I had in the classes with my students was extremely valuable. I like to interact with students. The interactions with them always made me energetic and satisfied. I value my interactions with my stud...


In just one lesson, I understood more than I did from a week's lecture. Very helpful and goes through problems slowly to make sure you understand the material. Would highly recommend to anyone taking advanced calculus.
- Maxwell I. from La Jolla, CA
Calculus is always difficult to me; I have been struggled for years; thought I will never to use it again. He was using simple method to help me to understand from the basic, and very patient to fit my pace.
- Jennier L. from San Diego, CA
He taught me mechanics of materials. He was prepared and great at explaining. He answers any question regarding the topic. Highly skilled. He's the best!!!
- Zabin A. from San Diego, CA
Nafez is very patient and explains problems very well. When I am confused about something, he will go over each step again. He also responds fast and is always willing to help out. He has been working with me for about 4 weeks now.
- Lauren D. from Daly City, CA
Mr.Nafez helped my son preparing for his Calculus test. He has a graceful and solid approach while solving problems. My son liked his motivation and encouragement.
- Srishiva M. from San Jose, CA
Knowledgeable and patient tutor. Helpful in identifying areas to focus on. Patience in explaining rationale. Clearly demonstrates correct way to solve problems.
- Monica C. from San Jose, CA
He is an excellent tutor. My son got great help in his engineering problem. He is very kind and encouraging. His strategy, tricks, and techniques are very efficient and will help anyone in the long run.
- Rajesh M. from Fremont, CA
Helped me a lot with problems and concepts I was having trouble with. He was also very patient and answered my all my questions clearly.
- Jenny L. from San Jose, CA
Our daughter was happy with her experience with This tutor preparing for her test. He responded very fast to our short notice.
- Hala A. from San Jose, CA
My daughter has her first lesson with Nafez. He is very knowledgeable and very pleasant to learn with. Before the first meet, Nafez requested me to send him materials that my daughter is learning at the current so that he can come with well prepared. This is very good as I can tell that when he spend his time tutoring her, he already know exactly ahead of time what he will teach her. Thank you very much. We are looking forward to future sessions.
- Tina N. from San Jose, CA
Nafez taught my son yesterday and now my son completely understands all of the pre-calculus concepts that he was having trouble with. Nafez is a patient tutor and has a way of explaining concepts so they are easily understood. Thanks again.
- Grace C. from Cupertino, CA
Dr. Nafez is very patient and went over every detail in my lesson, which was very valuable for me as I had trouble capturing every detail before. I came to see each lesson in a whole new light, and when we did the problems together, I was able to cruise by them. It's always comfortable to be learning from and with him, because if I don't get something right away, Dr. Nafez will provide a clear alternate explanation. He is surely helping me get ready for my next AP Calc test, and I feel so much more prepared for homework and any futures lessons my school teacher will soon go over.
- Lorena A. from Fremont, CA
Nafez recently started tutoring my son in AP Calculus AB. Nafez is very flexible and professional. The night before the first session, he asked me to send him the lessons that my son will be working on. My son is very happy with Nafez, he said Nafez is very patient and explains the concepts really well. In just a few sessions, I have seen my son's performance in the class improve which is really helping his confidence. I plan to use Nafez on a regular basis and would highly recommend him.
- Goldie D. from San Jose, CA
Good tutor who is patient and ready to really teach you each subject. He has a very open schedule and is often available. Come prepared as he will ask you for what material you will be discussing in advance.
- Scott H. from Bonita, CA
We reviewed a homework assignment and corrected mistakes. I received more work and will be communicating with Nafez about any questions I may have. Great lesson!
- Brian C. from San Diego, CA
Dr. Nafez is an excellent teacher of civil engineer. I just had my first session with him and I have already improved!
- Saud A. from San Diego, CA
My son is learning integrated math with him and really loves to study with him because he provides thorough and specific explanation focusing on what the student really needs to know.
- Eunyoung P. from San Diego, CA
Nafez is World Class! He is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and very thorough. He cares for his students success and will work hard to ensure his students are well prepared and able!
- Jesston W. from San Diego, CA
I really liked my tutor, Nafez. He has a gentle and kind manner and I felt very comfortable with his style of teaching. He is thorough in his explanations and will make sure you understand before going further. I was interested in very specific aspects of excel and he geared the lesson to what I needed. He is very accessible by phone in between sessions and encourages using it if the need arises. I would highly recommend him He is very knowledgable.
- Lori G. from San Diego, CA
Dr. Nafez is really good in teaching calculus. I was struggling with understanding the material, but after his explanation I totally understand everything
- Abdulrahman A. from San Diego, CA