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Accomplished Writing and College Essay Tutor
Olya T. -  Tutor
Hourly Fee: $200
Location: New York, NY
Travel Radius: 5 miles
In-person + Online
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Personal Statement

I am a professional writer of commentary and literary essays. I have worked as a columnist and essayist for Newsday, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and other publications, including NPR, and have had my blog posts picked up by various online and academic outlets. My writing is also featured on a nonprofit website and in an international European forum.

I am multilingual and I taught essay-writing, literature, and ESL at UNC. I have taught upper-level writing classes and writing workshops at oth...


I?ve been working with Olya for about 4 weeks. We?ve been working in the grammar and reading section for the SAT. I went from getting 3 questions correct to only getting 3 questions wrong. I?ve seen an immense improvement in my skills and feel much more confident taking my next SAT.
- Jayleen G. from Valley Stream, NY
Olya was great in brainstorming ideas, assessing my son?s writing and recommending changes to his essays. She helped him see certain topics from different perspectives and express himself better. He felt he accomplished a lot in these first 2 hours and would love to continue working with her.
- Neemat E. from New York, NY
I worked with Olya over the summer and fall seasons of 2018 in order to write essays for the college transfer process. She helped me craft a personal story and show colleges both my drive and my capability. Olya is always quick to respond to emails and updates at any time of day. With Olya's help, I was able to gain admission into The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
- Mike B. from Apex, NC
Olya is the most efficient editor I have ever met! I previously worked on my medical school statement with my professors, other tutors, and a magazine editor. Although I spent many hours thinking over my ideas and putting them on paper, I knew that my personal statement still needed work. When Olya read my essay, she pinpointed what I needed to do. As Olya and I discussed the theme and the ideas in my paper, I began to develop my statement faster than I could have ever imagined. I saw my personal statement come alive.
- Vadim T. from Hialeah, FL
Olya is very knowledgeable and professional. Since she has already read and knows the literature that is assigned in schools, she knows the right questions to ask students to make them think in depth and improve their essays. She is the BEST for sure when it comes to helping my son improve his writing!
- Ray S. from Redmond, WA
Olya was great to work with. I just finished a children's book and had a few complex sentences of character dialogue that I was unsure how to correctly punctuate. Olya responded quickly to my request and was able to schedule me into her day. Olya went over each sentence with me and asked me pertinent questions, to punctuate the sentence correctly. Olya also has a good sense of finesse and gave me good advice on revising a sentence on the back cover of my book. Sweet!
- Gina C. from Delray Beach, FL
Olya has been a great mentor and great writing teacher. I am happy to say I got into my first choice college, which is NYU!
- May L. from Middle Haddam, CT
Olya really helped me with my applications. Hopefully we can finish the other questions in our next class. She is the best!
- Vicky Z. from Amherst, MA
Olya was precise with her wording and reconstructed sentences in a way they not only made sense grammatically but were easy to read. Olya took my thoughts and fleshed them out to highlight my accomplishments.
- Rochel R. from Albany, NY
Olya has done a great job helping my son on his college essays. She has helped with editing and bringing out new ideas. With Olya's help, my son got accepted into Duke, his first-choice college.
- Dan C. from Oakton, VA
Olya is great at taking my ideas and organizing them into coherent paragraphs in my essay. She is great at always going back to the question and staying on topic
- Danielle L. from Chicago, IL
Olya worked incredibly well with my daughter. With Olya?s help, my daughter?s ACT Reading score reached 35--a really incredible achievement considering her first score was a 25. Olya is always engaged during the lesson and very patient with my daughter. My daughter is stoked about her Reading score on the ACT. It was our hope that she could achieve with the help of a fantastic tutor like Olya.
- Anna L. from Flushing, NY
Olya is a great tutor! She helped my daughter with her essay in a very short time. She worked not only during the time she spent with my daughter but also edited and offered suggestions in between sessions. I would definitely recommend Olya because she is patient, kind and encouraging and knows how to get the details out of anyone. Thank you, Olya!!!
- Maria C. from Marlboro, NJ
Olya is very knowledgeable and patient. She is smart and great at helping draw out a person?s strengths, while encouraging and teaching important writing skills. Thanks so much, Olya!
- Helen V. from East Northport, NY
Olya made the process of writing my college essay much simpler by breaking down the process and helping me come up with a variety of ideas based on my own experiences. She is always insightful, helpful and values all your ideas even if you don't believe in them yourself. She is a pleasure to work with.
- Donna G. from Weston, MA
I like that Olya is very precise because she pays attention to every word that I say or write. She helps me build my language skills as we read articles from the NY Times and other publications. Olya consistently corrects my pronunciation and pauses to explain sentence structure, vocabulary, idioms, American culture, and history. We also read literature. My language skills have improved immensely, as has my knowledge of American culture. I am glad that Olya is my tutor. Thank you!
- Igor P. from Ridgewood, NY
I worked with Olya on polishing my medical school application. She was a patient and meticulous editor who always knew how to clarify my sentences. She was attentive, easy to talk to, and an absolute joy to work with.
- Justin H. from Jamaica Plain, MA
This is my first class with Olya and I find that Olya is really professional. She can quickly find out the root of my pronunciation problem. And she is very patient at teaching me the correct pronunciation.
- Changda L. from Fremont, CA
Olya was instrumental in helping me compile my college transfer essays. She is amazing to work with and provides plenty of feedback. Thank you, Olya!
- Larissa L. from Suffern, NY
I have very little skill in the entire essay writing process. With the deadline for college applications coming up, I was given a very short time span to come up with a successful essay and application. Fortunately, Olya was able to get a very unique and interesting essay prompt out of me over our short session. On top of that, she is very familiar with the application process as a whole, providing great suggestions on certain parts of my application that I needed to improve. I would definitely recommend her for any writing troubles you have, as well as the college essays.
- Aaron L. from Jericho, NY