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Phoebe C. -  Tutor
Hourly Fee: $135
Location: Irvine, CA
In-person + Online
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Personal Statement

My name is Phoebe, and my work is my lifeblood. I have been a full-time, self-employed English professional for the past 6 years and have several additional years of teaching, editing, and tutoring experience. I am the only Wyzant English tutor, editor, college application essay guru, and writing coach with over 7,000 hours of experience in my field; I am also the only English professional with 2,000+ 5-star ratings, and I have a total of 62 compelling testimonials. I am a scintillatingly viv...


We have two kids, 9 and 11, a boy and girl, who consistently were weakest with their writing skills in school report cards. With Phoebe as their tutor, in just one lesson, they became self-motivated to write and read more. This is an amazing accomplishment. What does self-motivated mean here? Phoebe assigns work for her students--books to read and an assignment to write. Our kids take it upon themselves to read these books and write the assignments. We don't need to remind them to get ready for their weekly meeting with her. There is no "I don't want to do this" from them. Instead, we hear statements like, "I really like this book Phoebe loaned to me" and "Look how many paragraphs I?ve written." And this is a direct result of Phoebe?s unique skills at inspiring her students to write. I didn't think this possible knowing our two children's aversion to writing and their lack of interest in reading due to all the electronic distractions available today. Now, both read without our asking, and write without fear or doubt. Truly wonderful, and well worth the time, energy and money spent.
- Will C N. from Tustin, CA
My daughter has been working with Phoebe for her college application essays for the last few months. Phoebe has always been very prepared and thoughtful to guide and help her. She also motivates her and stay on top of things. I especially appreciate that she keep track of the progress and is very responsive and responsible.
- Rita L. from Irvine, CA
Phoebe is an excellent tutor! She worked with my son on writing for English Literature and the ACT. Her expertise in the subject areas brought focus and clarity which allowed my son to improve academically and gain 4 points on the ACT English portion of the test. I found her to be very flexible and accommodating with regard to targeting the specific areas of academic need. I appreciate her passion for helping students reach their potential. Thank you, Phoebe, for your amazing work with my son!
- Deirdre E. from Mission Viejo, CA
This is an long overdue review for the BEST tutor in the world, Phoebe!!! She helped me to edit my college transfer (2014) and grad school (2017-18) essays and I cannot thank her enough!! I am someone who went to community college and now ends up at Stanford. :) Since English isn't my mother tongue and I am not super gifted in language learning, I was desperately looking for someone to help me with both technical and logic aspect of my personal statements back in 2014. After a quick chat with her, my heart told me that my essays will be in very good hands. :) Phoebe is very honest (with super detailed lesson summary after each session), efficient, patient and easy to communicate! She is very thorough and always make sure I am happy with the essays. Phoebe is the reason I could transfer to UCLA and now studying Education at Stanford!!! I am blessed to find her on :) She is the only person I can trust for my PS and any editing work in the future!!!
- Linda W. from Los Angeles, CA
Working with Phoebe was nothing but positive and enjoyable. I really wish I had met Phoebe earlier in my career as I struggled with writing for a long time. She worked with me very intensely to determine my challenges with writing and continuously worked to tailor our sessions to address them. Aside from lacking in strategies and skills, I also lacked the confidence and patience in myself due to my perfectionist tendencies. Phoebe helped me overcome those personal challenges by being patient and allowing me to express my personal feelings and distress without feeling judged. I also appreciated her honesty when reviewing my work, being critical when she thought something would be improved and supportive when I unfairly scrutinized my own writing. Throughout our time working together, she was entirely supportive and encouraging, allowing me to improve my writing abilities and self-confidence. I can say without a doubt that I would not have been able to complete my writing goals without Phoebe?s help. By the end of my time working with her, I had found a new sense of accomplishment and growth in my writing that didn?t think possible before. Writing is now much less stressful and even enjoyable to me. I would highly recommend Phoebe to anyone who is struggling with writing. She is an absolutely amazing writing coach and I look forward to working with her again in the future.
- Kevin N. from Fountain Valley, CA
What I enjoy most about working with Phoebe is that she is very intuitive and creates a non-judge mental environment where she allows for you to expand into your ideas. She is always willing to answer any questions or concerns in a very timely manner, and she is upfront with instructions. In addition, she is very organized and detail-oriented. Overall, a writing experience worthwhile and I cannot thank her enough!
- Arya A. from Fullerton, CA
Phoebe is very on time. She answered my questions at the beginning of session. She addressed me correctly to my points which I should know them. Totally very informative session I had.
- Shani T. from Irvine, CA
Words cannot begin to express everything Phoebe has done in my son's life. She is responsible for guiding the path toward the academic growth and maturity he has accomplished over this past year. My son's work ethic and grades have shown such improvement, he is finally enjoying his classes. I just want to thank you Phoebe for being a great teacher and mentor and making all the difference in his education.
- Renee G. from Irvine, CA
Phoebe is brilliant. She is an extremely wonderful human being who brings out the best in her students. Her work ethic is inspirational, her drive is contagious, and her efficiency is unparalleled. Working with Phoebe was seamless. She is extremely good at what she does because she takes pride in her work and will not settle for mediocrity. Regardless of the time of day, Phoebe is always happy to help. She truly believes in her students and will do everything in her power to help achieve their goals. She is a literary wizard with a heart of gold.
- Pri H. from Los Angeles, CA
She taught me a logic steps in writing essays. She makes things easy as she explains every step in detail. Then she feed back my writing and teach my how to avoid the shallowness in writing.
- Samar A. from Irvine, CA
Phoebe came prepared for our session and provided incredible insight and knowledge about the subject matter being discussed. I will continue to utilize her as a tutor.
- Julie C. from Mission Viejo, CA
Phoebe was so helpful. She jumps right into work and starts editing my essay. Though she has many students, Phoebe knows exactly what the student is looking for. She is so intelligent and efficient. I felt super comfortable with her.
- Winnie X. from Corona, CA
Phoebe is an amazing tutor and coach. She is a professional. From the first day we worked together, I felt that I could trust her to deliver on everything she promised. I gave Phoebe the difficult task of helping me re-write all my college essays with approximately 10 days to spare. She set me up on a schedule, giving me the exact steps to success. Her communication was beyond excellent and she was highly reachable by text or email, replying promptly. On top of being extremely meticulous, organized and intelligent, she cares about your personal success and is extremely caring. The reason she is so successful in her profession is because she does her job with the utmost sincerity. Not only was I accepted into UCI, UCSD, UC Berkeley, and USC thanks to Phoebe, but my writing dramatically improved. My friends have worked with her and succeeded as well! At first I was skeptical about paying what seemed like a high price for writing help, but I now realize that this small investment into hiring top talent is well worth it when you think about how important college/scholarship applications really are. The difference in the quality of my essays after working with Phoebe is remarkable!
- William V. from Laguna Niguel, CA
My son worked with Phoebe for over a year now on writing. My son is currently a 5th grader in the gifted class, and he always views his strength as math and science, but not writing. In order to improve his writing skill and boost his interest and confident in writing, I found Phoebe as his writing tutor. Phoebe helped to motivate my son with the writing topics that are interested to him, from computer games, science discoveries, economy, to political topics etc. She taught him to how to build a frame of the assay, and how to add transitions to make the assay flow better. She established a ?rewarding system? to encourage him to proof-read his essay and do most of the self-corrections as he always rushing and makes careless mistakes in his writing pieces. They have mini-debate during the session which really helped my son looking things from different perspective and developing more on the critical thinking skill, which in turn strengthened his reasoning for his assay topics. They also have been discussing characterization, plot, and setting of different books during the session. He always enjoys his sessions with Phoebe. I did notice improvements in my sons writing in terms of essay structure, connection between paragraphs, enrichment of vocabulary, and making more logical sense. My son also made comments himself that he feels that he writes better nowadays and he also got better grade in writing. Thank you phoebe for helping my son in writing, and helping him developed more confidence in his writing ability. He has really enjoyed working with you.
- Tina Y. from Irvine, CA
Phoebe responded my messages and emails fast, and she' was always there for guidances and comments. I am grateful of having her be my tutor because she is so knowledgeable and patient!!!!
- Zhouchunyu Y. from Orange, CA
Phoebe helped me improve on my essay from the first draft to final draft, i learned a lot throughout the process and received an A on my essay. Highly recommend tutor!
- Calvin F. from Irvine, CA
My daughter is very happy with Phoebe. She is helping her with her APLang. Phoebe's instruction is very clear and detail, and she keeps motivating my daughter to try different styles and to find her own in writing. Phoebe is also very reachable and responsive. Phoebe is very encouraging and cares about my daughter. I highly recommend her. Excellent tutor!
- Winnie S. from Irvine, CA
Phoebe truly has a passion for helping people out. She not only worked with me to put together my college essays, but she boosted my confidence when applying to college. She worked with me to make my essays stand out, and took her time to make sure each essay was flawless before I submitted them. Phoebe is extremely easy to reach, and is always willing to help! She is personable, and really takes her time to get to know you. No matter how stressful college applications may be, Phoebes positive attitude and understanding will always help you through it. I couldn?t be more thankful, or have asked for a better tutor to help me with my college essays. If you need help on college essays, look no further, Phoebe is truly the best choice. Phoebe genuinely cares about you, and will do her best to make sure your needs are being fulfilled. Thank you! :)
- Julie F. from Irvine, CA
My son and I feel truly grateful to have found such an exceptionally competent and dedicated tutor as Phoebe. We have worked with many tutors but Phoebe is without a doubt the very best. She is in an elite class of her own. Writing has always been a challenging subject for my son. Phoebe is extremely supportive and encouraging and has an extraordinary way of relieving my son's stress and anxiety throughout the writing process. She develops a schedule and will fit in extra sessions if needed to complete the assignments on time. Phoebe is extremely patient. She challenges his thought process to the max and gets him motivated to bring out the best of his ability. Phoebe's compassionate and enthusiastic personality motivates and builds my son's confidence in his writing class. We are so thankful for Phoebe and will continue with her support and mentorship.
- Anita T. from Orange, CA
Phoebe truly is one of the best tutors our family has worked with - and we have worked with A LOT of tutors. My youngest of four children needed some extra help preparing for the ACT exam last year. Phoebe was so encouraging, organized and thoughtful. I appreciated her honest and timely reviews of each session. She was always available to both my son and me if we had additional questions or concerns. She's a true professional who takes her job seriously and I can honestly say that she brought out the best in him. He scored a 35 on the English section and he/we couldn't have been more proud! After having such a great experience with the ACT tutoring, we asked her to help him with his college essays. Again, Phoebe did what she does best and got him and his ideas/writing organized. He submitted his applications on time and he couldn't have done it without her guidance. I wholeheartedly recommend Phoebe if you need an English tutor - she's the BEST!!!
- Tami K. from Tustin, CA