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Rachel K. - Tutor

Princeton '13 Math & Computer Science Tutor
Rachel K. -  Tutor
Hourly Fee: $150
Location: New York, NY
Travel Radius: 5 miles
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Personal Statement

I grew up in Manhattan and went to P.S. 6 for elementary school and the Brearley School for middle and high school. I graduated from Princeton with a B.A. in Mathematics in 2013, and then worked at Morgan Stanley as a mortgage-backed securities trader for two years. I then spent the next two years as a private tutor specializing in math, computer science, and economics. I?m currently a data scientist in NYC, and I see students on weekends only.

In the past I've worked with a seventh grade...


Rachel was really great with explaining concepts in a way that made them feel interesting, yet simple and easy to grasp. She was very knowledgeable on the subject matter, linear algebra, and she conveyed her knowledge clearly. After providing me with a foundation, she pushed me to solve problems more independently- which was very helpful! Overall a really nice person and great tutor!
- Shoshana R. from Geneseo, NY
I essentially knew very little/almost nothing regarding Econometrics going into my session with Rachel. She, however, was knowledgeable and able to answer all sorts of questions; even ones which I'd initially found confusing/abstract. Rachel certainly helped me understand the materials we covered better, and I am really appreciative of that!
- Salman P. from New York, NY
Rachel helped me gain a better understanding of Python and SQL by explaining the concepts and helping me through my assignments. She guided me through the material to allow me to figure it out on my own rather than telling me the answers. I would highly recommend her to anyone who requires guidance on Python or SQL.
- Mark W. from New York, NY
She is very nice and helped me to realize my mistakes without just telling me what to do. That really helped me learn the material throughly for the test. And I got a great grade! Thanks Rachel!
- Bart F. from New York, NY
As someone with minimal math background, I was feeling incredibly overwhelmed by a new stats class I'm taking this semester. Meeting with Rachel was such a relief: she was well prepared (to my surprise, she had already solved the problem sets from the homework I had sent her the night before!), and had this magical way of explaining intense math concepts in ways I could understand (again, I have little math background so this all looked very intimidating at first). Bottom line: Rachel is awesome. I'm so grateful I get to learn from her.
- Julie C. from New York, NY
Rachel is an amazing and patient tutor who is always up to answering all questions. She guides you through the material and presents that material in a variety of ways in order to match your learning style. Highly recommended!
- Natalie T. from West New York, NJ
Rachel is not only encouraging and patient but she explains things very clearly and logically. My understanding after our session was a lot clearer. Highly recommend her as a teacher!
- Chase K. from New York, NY
i very much enjoyed my first session w Rachel. She made me feel very comfortable asking questions and was extremely diligent about maximizing our time together to get as much done as possible. I have already booked a follow up session fir Thursday to work on more problem sets.
- Heather M. from New York, NY
It felt like I started drowning in my graduate level intensive summer probability class and Rachel pulled me out! I contacted Rachel with just under two weeks from my last test at a point where I was not completely sure if anyone could realistically be able to help me at this late stage. If like me, you are not satisfied with only knowing how to solve a problem nor complete a mathematical operation, Rachel will help you understand why you are performing each step to develop a deeper understanding. Rachel was an immense help when it came to more complicated calculus and differentiation, including product rule and differentiating by parts. She also helped with the theoretical part of the course when it came to understanding and performing proofs of theorems. Besides her tutoring capabilities, she was always punctual, supportive and open to answer all my questions no matter how divergent they were from the material. I strongly recommend Rachel if you find yourself struggling with complex mathematics.
- Khalifa A. from New York, NY
I am so happy that I found Rachel. She is amazing. It is so natural how she tutors. It is like she is just talking to you and then you realize that you are grasping it! Rachel is so knowledgeable about statistics (in my case) that she knows where most people have difficulty and she knows how to address them. She made it easy. Thank you so much, Rachel. I strongly recommend her for anything type of math.
- Terie U. from Westwood, NJ
Taught me very well. Explain subject very well so you can understand. I'm doing much better. In statistics now.Thanks. Highly recommended if you're having trouble with math
- Tomy B. from Spring Valley, NY
We used Rachel for both my kids (year 10 and Year 12) math. She seemed knowledgeable, patient, polite and sweet. My kids both really liked her, which is a huge part of the battle. She came to us a little late in the game, and, of course, she didn't work miracles in one or two lessons, but we intend to use her again. She's hardworking, attentive and flexible, all of which we really need.
- Belinda L. from New York, NY
Rachel is one of the best tutors I've had for math, if not the best. She knows math subjects inside out, and has been helping me understand the material and my textbook content very well. She has guided me through my homework step by step, providing clear, and easy-to-grasp explanations for the areas with which I am having difficulty. Her help has been and will continue to be invaluable. I highly recommend her as a tutor.
- Isabel P. from New York, NY
Rachel provided key insights on topics throughout our time studying economics. She clearly has a solid grip on all of the essential topics, and a mastery of the bit of math that came with it. I am planning on coming back to Rachel again once I am in classes again.
- Jacob E. from New York, NY
Rachel helped me with some tough Calculus topics I needed to understand more. She explains things very well and makes sure you understand the concept before moving on.
- Jay P. from New York, NY