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Best LSAT Tutor
Hourly Fee: $65
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Travel Radius: 40 miles
In-person + Online
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Personal Statement

After graduating from Cornell University, I received nearly $100,000 in scholarship money from Washington University in St. Louis, due to my 98th Percentile LSAT score. I got that score by self-studying, after dropping out of a so-called advance LSAT prep course from one of the big test-prep companies.

Since graduating from law school, I've run my own retail business, passed the Illinois Bar Exam (which I also self-studied for), and started tutoring. I focus on the LSAT, though I also help p...


Mr. Troy was able to teach me how to work with different sites and how to obtain information for my class work. I am very appreciative for the help. I am not familiar with law and conducting research. Troy was able to instruct me on the research process.
- Shalahn P. from New Orleans, LA
Troy took the time to review my materials prior to our session. He was well prepared and friendly. He was knowledgeable and patient with my many questions and anxiety over the subject.
- Diana M. from Westmont, IL
Troy gave me a quick over view of some concepts with me before the midterm and it was helpful. I appreciate his passion to help. We didn't have much time but we did as best as we could.
- Allison C. L. from Fort Mill, SC
Troy went above and beyond to help me study for my Econ final. I really appreciate that he reviewed the materials ahead of time in detail and put a lot of effort into prepping. He was able to related the material to me in a way that made more sense than the textbook and lectures.
- Benjamin B. from Washington, DC
So far my experience with Troy has surpassed my expectations. Having had three previous tutors I feel I have a relevant context in which to compare Troy. He is superior to all of them. Past tutors made me feel uncomfortable to ask questions when I didn't understand something. My very last tutor even called me an "Odd Ball" and said I was the only one of his students who focuses on irrelevant subject matter. How do I know it's irrelevant unless the tutor is patient to show my why? Additionally, previous tutors would often cut my time, and generally came across arrogant and impatient. Troy has been the complete opposite. Troy certainly knows the LSAT. He is sharp yet extremely patient and empathetic. I have witnessed how quickly he reasons through an argument, but what is important is that he understands the student's perspective and will make every effort to explain things in as many ways as is needed until the concept is understood. For instance, in my last tutoring session, I struggled tremendously with a similar flaw question. Though Troy was able to pinpoint the flaw immediately, I could not see it after reading through it several times. Troy was patient and actually came up with a simple analogy that made everything crystallize. Another quality that seems unique to Troy is that he teaches arguments from a common sense approach and discourages focusing on technical jargon like "sufficient" and "necessary" conditions, et cetera. I think part of what makes the LSAT intimidating is that these terms bog down students and prevents them from seeing the big picture. That's why I feel having Troy as a tutor is an advantage. He is helping me to see flaws in arguments without becoming distracted with unnecessary labeling, by teaching to understand things in a more holistic way. He also looks for ways to increase speed without losing accuracy and suggested approaches to help with logic games. Finally, Troy will keep you busy. In between sessions he assigns homework in which he reviews during tutoring. Overall, Troy knows his stuff. He always responds timely, and I genuinely feel he cares about my success!
- Arturo L. from Mulberry, FL
Troy helped me understand the IRAC method to analyzing cases. He is very detailed and goes above and beyond to help you understand concepts. Troy is a great tutor and I highly recommend him.
- Kellen V. from Warner Robins, GA