7 Apps to Help You Study

by Marteney Jacobs, OnlineMedED

Ever found yourself checking Facebook while you study, and then next thing you know, your quick 5 minute break has turned into a full fledge 30 minute binge reading Game of Thrones theories? Yeah, us too. Sometimes the hardest part about studying isn’t the actual studying part; it’s the staying-studying-while-studying part. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up 7 of the best apps that can help you study for your exams.

Self Control

Self Control makes it impossible for you to go onto certain websites by blocking them on your computer for a certain time. All you must do is type the servers onto your “blacklist,” set the period of time you want them to be blocked, and press start.    

Sleep Cycle

Nothing is harder than focusing on wordy clinical vignettes than when you’re half asleep, but with Sleep Cycle no need to worry about this problem. Sleep Cycle tracks your sleeping patterns, then begins to wake you up (during a time period you set) when you are in light sleep, and eventually ends by waking you up at your desired alarm time.         

Exam Countdown

Although it’s pretty self explanatory, Exam Countdown can make it even easier for you to figure out how many days you have before your next NBME, or even your boards — no counting involved with this app! comes in the form of a customized soundtrack created to help you stay focused. You tell what you’re trying to do, and it creates a soundtrack for you that’s meant to enhance your brain activity, and can even block out distracting noises.

Focus Timer

Say bye to Instagram feed binges, because Focus Timer is here to cut them out! All you must do is put your phone on it’s downward side which begins the timer, then once it’s flipped up to the other side the timer stops. By tracking the amount of time your phone spent on it’s downward side, Focus Timer shows you the actual amount of time you studied, and keeps a log of your previous study time records. Yes, it is literally watching you…so STUDY!


Although it’s not directly associated with staying focused, Wunderlist is the ultimate list maker/collaborator and can help hold you accountable to your daily study plan. Not sure where in the day to place studying for your Step 2? Wunderlist can help remind you of your tasks and keep them organized at the same time.


This is a site that helps medical students retain information through short, concise videos. OnlineMedEd is seen as a supplement, not a replacement to classroom learning. It offers customizable learning styles through multiple study formats.

Studying for your COMLEX, Step 2 CK, or even a shelf exam is no joke, so hopefully these apps can make it a little easier. Have any other apps you like to use while you study? Let us know in the comments!

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