Help Your Students Pay for Textbooks via GoFundMe and iFlipd

By Megan Johnson, Uloop

It’s time to send your kids back to college! As excited as they will be about returning to their second home, one aspect of college may continue to stress them out: paying for their textbooks.

However, if you and your family and friends are ready and willing to help your student pay for their books, GoFundMe and iFlipd have created a new way to do so.

According to a recent press release, the only pay-as-you-go weekly textbook rental provider, iFlipd, recently announced a new partnership with GoFundMe, the world’s largest social fundraising platform. This partnership will help students raise money from family, friends, and community organizations to help pay for their textbooks, with all contributions going straight to their textbook costs.

Sound too good to be true? GoFundMe and iFlipd are working to make it more efficient for your student to rake up the money they need for school!

“Many students have a network of family and friends who are ready to help them out with expenses like textbooks,” said Rob Solomon, GoFundMe CEO, in the release. “With this new partnership with iFlipd, we’re excited to make it easier and faster for college students to get the financial support they need.”

The process is simple, according to the release. To get started, your student needs to:

1. Create a free iFlipd account
2. Set up their GoFundMe account
3. Share their story, invite family and friends to help fund their textbooks
4. Apply the funds directly through iFlipd to rent and pay for textbooks

iFlipd allows students to pay for only the time they need through weekly rentals. They receive instant access to the books they need in print and eBook format, and they can return the books at any time while earning reward points each time. The allows them to break up the traditional costs of textbooks, only paying for the time when they actually need the books.

“Paying for college is hard enough and many students can use some help,” said Kati Radziwon, iFlipd CEO and founder. “Our pay-as-you-go textbook solution provides a flexible experience at an affordable price.”

GoFundMe is the world’s largest social fundraising platform with over $4 billion raised so far. Find them on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

“GoFundMe is the number one fundraiser for textbook costs to date and our partnership with them extends our simple and flexible payment process to a wider and needed audience,” Radziwon said.

With such a simple signup process, there’s no reason not to encourage your student to give this a try! Once they set up their accounts, send out the information to your network of family members and friends and see how much your student raises to help them fund their academics. 

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