Helping your Student Transfer to a Different College

By UniversityParent Staff

It’s not uncommon to hear students choosing to transfer to another college and there are a variety of reasons why they may consider doing so. For some, the school may be too far from home or too close to home, for others the school may not provide the college experience the student was looking for. Whichever the reason may be, college parents should be part of the transfer process and help guide their student on whether the decision to transfer is beneficial or not.

Establish The Reasoning

Having your student establish the main motivation for wanting to transfer to another school can help determine if transferring is a good option. Some reasons for wanting to transfer may simply be that they dislike their roommate or are having trouble making friends, if this is the case, then actions can be taken to change the situation. Roommates can easily be switched, and this scenario happens more often than people think. As for making friends and establishing a social circle, work with your student to research the different clubs and activities happening on campus to help them get involved, and possibly change their outlook.

Some reasons for wanting to transfer simply cannot be changed, such as if a student wants to pursue a major not offered at their current college. If this is the case, then transferring will be their best option.


Once getting accepted to their transfer college of choice, ensure that most of your student’s credits will transfer over. More often then not, students can work with the college to accept their credits from a previous school. Students will need to reach out to their new school if certain college credits were not accepted.


Many colleges do not provide housing on campus after freshman year, if they do, it is extremely limited. If your student cannot live on campus at their transfer college, reach out to the school and see if they have resources to find off-campus housing. Many colleges will work with new transfers and provide advice for where to live. This can also be helpful if most of your students classes will be on one side of the campus, the college can help with finding housing that is close to the building a majority of their classes will be in.

The transfer process can be stressful for both students and college parents, but many colleges will work with transferring students to help with the process.

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