New Video Series: ArtCenter Student Self-Portraits

By Megan Johnson, Uloop

Sometimes the best way for your student to learn about a new college or university is to hear about the experience from current students. ArtCenter College of Design realized this and recently launched a new video series featuring five student self-portraits to provide a look into the diverse journey of each student, according to a press release.

Each ArtCenter student shared their creative journey, revealing personal details including their early inspiration, their decision to attend art school, their current projects, and their long-term goals. The students completed all production in the field; they were commissioned to spend 12 weeks meeting once per month to workshop their projects through the final cut. Students received only light guidance from a small team of staff from Admissions and Marketing and Communications.

The video series captures the students’ voices, motivations, and distinctive viewpoints. The following students are included in this series.

Phillip Burrows – Phillip started drawing as a kid against a house full of athletes. He went to Miami’s Design and Architecture Senior High (DASH) and later to ArtCenter’s Entertainment Design program.

Miguel Harry – Miguel learned about the work of Artcenter alumni while studying engineering in Medellin, Colombia, and decided to join the Product Design department in Pasadena.

Yeun Kim – Yeun joined ArtCenter as a Graphic Design major due to a love of literature while growing up in South Korea. During a study away trip, Yeun collaborated on a pop-up installation with design students in Havana, Cuba, which led her to explore spatial design through sound poetry.

David Sanchez – David turned his early passion for cartoons into storytelling skills at ArtCenter’s Entertainment Design program’s Character Animation track.

Cristina Wilson – Cristina uses her quirky sense of humor, creativity, and passionate positivity as an ArtCenter Illustration student.

The series will continue with new episodes debuting in early 2018 with a fresh batch of ArtCenter students.

“We’re often asked ‘What’s it really like to be an ArtCenter student,’” said Kit Baron, senior vice president of Admissions and Enrollment Management for ArtCenter. “We hope the stories of these five talented individuals help answer that common question and provide prospective students with a realistic glimpse into their world.”

A global leader in art and design education, ArtCenter College of Design was founded in 1930 and is located in Pasadena, California, offering 11 undergraduate and seven graduate degrees. Learn more at

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